intergrating strength/ plyo/speed/fitness etc

If you have three day a week to workout for a team sport. Lets use soccer for example. And your goal is to increase speed/agility and fitness, what exercises would you do and how would you mold everything together. This person is only trained on the field, I have weighted vests, dumbells, MB and cones.
You only have three days a week. There are no games on the other days. Here is my sample program in order

repeat sprints (core work in between sprints)
Jump squats-weighted
Single leg squats 4 sets of 5 reps
push ups
Single leg dead lifts 3x8 reps
cool down flex

plyos 60 contacts
agility session
split squats- 4x6 lighter weight
SL dead lift lighter weight

MB throws
1/2 speed work, 1/2 agility work
single leg squats 4x5 again
Hamstring workout not weight on ground

Any ideas on what to add to this or take away.

For an example like soccer, I think you need to do more intensive SPP drills due to the skill component. For example, explosive moves with a ball rather than just agility drills and speed drills. This will improve your general agility/speed and obviously your soccer skills rather than solely the agility/speed. There is a place for ball-less drills too. So just balance that out.

I don’t know if there is a need for the plyos since you are going to be doing these drills and sprints.

With 3 days a week that is not cool either because on Low-Intensity days you could do low intensity skill work like juggling, shot placement (not necessarily shooting for power), or slower moves just playing around to work on ur feel until you can do the moves blindfolded with either foot.

As for the dumbell-based weight setup this is not ideal but better than nothing. Is this due to time constraints or no access to a weight room?