Interesting Way to Do Shoulder Laterals

I stumbled across this video Lu Xiaojun and thought this was a very interesting variation of shoulder laterals. Definitely different from the typical bodybuilding style.

What’s special about these raises?

I’ve just never seen laterals done quite like that, especially with plates. It looks like there would be quite a bit of rotator cuff involvement, and the range of motion should improve/maintain shoulder mobility. Kills a lot of birds with one movement.

I showed a coach friend of mine, and he liked it. Going to have a go at these in the gym when I get a chance.

I’ve done these in a couple workouts so far. They feel really good on the shoulder joint. Lots of muscle recruitment and nice range of motion.

Good exercise, You can involve posterior direction too and you will have pretty complete exercise

Have you guys tried the “Arnold Press”?
I’ll see if there is a YouTube link

Arnold Press is mainly Anterior exercise of course you have big Synergists support Deltoid Lateral, Supraspinatus, Triceps Brachii, Trapezius Middle, Trapezius Lower, Serratus Anterior, Inferior Digitations.
Dynamic Stabilizers: Triceps Long Head
Stabilizers: Trapezius Upper, Levator Scapulae

I guess overall really good exercise