Interesting DVD

I got a free DVD with my supplements from Its called “Chest and Back Training” and it goes over how to train as a bodybuilder. I found it very interesting, even though I don’t have any desire to get into bodybuilding. Most exercises are done with straps to avoid working the forearms and biceps so that certain muscle groups can be isolated. All sets are done in the 10-12 rep range.

A wide variety of chin-ups are used to develop the back. Regular barbell bench press isn’t used because it is too hard on the shoulders. Different angles and grips are used to work the upper, lower, inner and outer parts of the muscles. Wide grip rows/chins work the inner back. Narrow grip rows/chins work the outer back. The only free weights used are dumbells for incline bench.

I notice that CNS taxing lifts are eliminated. I’m guessing it’s because they use too much muscular at one time? The main goal is isolation.