Intensive tempo

I can only cope with a couple of running sessions a week so I am going to combine aerobic and lactic qualities over 4 or 5 intensive tempo sessions to get fit before I start 200m/100m split sessions. Otherwise I would seperate the 2 disiplines.

I am going to perform 300s at 85% pace but am unsure what rest to aim for.

A few years ago I just about coped with 3 minutes for 4 or 5 runs but am wondering if this is too much over load.

I am going to running 100/200 btw.

Any experience appreciated.

What are your Pr’s. I did similar work this past fall and keep the rest between 4-8mins.

Pr 36 for a 300m but I should work off 38 at present

Misread Post, Sorry

What’s wrong with a short block of intensive tempo work?

Current world leader does a fair amount of intensive tempo ;).

You mean nesta carter??;:slight_smile:

You beat me to my edit. I misread your post, then realized it after I posted, so I edited it out. You were too quick for me. But since you ask…I misread and thought you were a 100/200 sprinter. If you are, I was wondering that if you were only running two days per week instead of 4-5, would you spend even one of those days doing intensive tempo at the expense of accel, maxv and speed endurance? Extensive tempo could be done off track and I would think you would want to be effecient with your limited workout time. I would bet that those mentioned above that do a lot of intensive tempo train more than two days per week and hit max v and speed endurance quite a bit. Again, I’m asking, not suggesting, because I’m not an expert in such matters.

Let’s say if he only had two days a week to train this would be a case to even use intensive tempo even more. The intensive time would allow for more volume and time to work on upright running tech etc. Something along the lines of 6x150 at 85% resting 4-5mins.

I would only do intensive tempo for 1 month of the year and with only an outdoor season to prepare for there should be plenty of time for speed and speed endurance.

I reckon I have some ground to make up on 200m training which is why I am putting in intensive tempo of 300m reps, maybe this is overdoing it, not sure. After this phase I will perform 200/100 splits and then mainly concentrate on speed and speed end from 80 to 150m. The accel phase comes more naturally for me so requires less work.

What’s so magic about intensive tempo 300’s, why not 300-250-250-200-200 etc etc??

OK, just curious as accel, maxv and SE seem to be the primary focus for most short sprinters on this board, along with extensive tempo for recovery.

You can still hit accel and the 6x150’s in some ways would still hit maxv and SE.

I think it’d depend on the level of the athlete and the amount of time you have. CSW type workouts where you’re getting 4-6 150s as football28 said might be more beneficial than doing say flying 20s because low to mid level athletes need to get more fitness work and they’ll have way more volume of upright running anyway. The other thing people forget is that doing flying 20s with Charlie (or PJ/RandyG/Kebba/Etc.) coaching you and giving you great feedback is different than doing flying 20s on your own. Without help from coaches like them, 150s may give you a bigger bang for your buck.

Where would you place those 6x150’s, if you were doing speed three times per week?


6x150’s rest 3-4mins


Gs circuits

3x150’s 10mins rest

If I was doing speed 3x a week, I probably wouldn’t do it at all. I’d do it in place of one of the speed days if I were to do it.

Yep, I agree.

I wonder myself if it’s magic but we used to perform a block of intensive tempo including the 300m sessions in a training group that produced an indoor 200m time of 20.53 for one individual and other good 200m performances.

In that case they wouldn’t be intensive tempo. They would need to be done with full, or nearly full, recovery and at 90% intensity or faster. Intensive tempo is sub 90% and wouldn’t be as effective for Max V or even Speed Endurance, would it?