Intensity limit and Strenght endurance for Vacouver graphs?

On the Vancouvre 2004 graphs, for Phase 1 speed progression, it states on one of the parts to do “Intensity Limit” then distance saying 20m+ or higher depending on the week. What is that about? Does that mean the runner is suppose to run as fast as he can up to 20m before form breaks down?

Also, it says Strength endurance for the graph as well with distances, for the first week for example, 4x30 (doesnt say anything about breaks). What is that about as well? Thanks for any information.

If it was gone over in the video, I missed it.

speed limit, so it would say “20m intensity limit” this would mean you accelerate hard to 20m and hold out the rest of the distance with easy form to the respective distance listed. Go hard then coast, you would be surprised how fast you might be going and also how relaxed and smooth everything is even though you are turning down the engines.

However i heard and am still learning that you shouldnt follow it by the book persay, because if you arent world class it’s very unlikely you will accelerate to 60m, so it should be capped, relative to the current speed you possess. So if your 11s runner then 30m would be the highest you go, however there maybe other alternatives i dont know.

The intensity limit refers to the distance over which you accelerate. The longer you accelerate the higher a speed you will reach and therefore the higher the intensity. The intensity limits you refer to place a limit on the maximum speed you reach within a run by limiting you to a partial acceleration.

For example, a 60m sprint with a 20+m intensity limit means you run the full 60m but only accelerate for the first 20m and then hold it. Realistically, the intensity limits become more significant as your performance level improves. A beginner may only be able to accelerate for 20-30m anyway, in which case that athlete has a natural intensity limit. In contrast, a world class sprinter might be able to accelerate for 50-60+m, in which case a 20 or 30m intensity limit will have a more significant effect in terms of controlling intensity and overall CNS fatigue.

The strength endurance usually takes the form of running A drills. You’re right that there’s no indication of rest intervals in the chart you refer to. I usually use about 2-3 min. rest.

watch the video again an again an again.

The chart confuses me though, would that mean to do the 20+m intensity limit only once then move onto the next thing “strength endurance”?

You use the intensity limit for all of the 60m runs. So you accelerate for 20m then maintain that speed for the next 40m and so on.

So what is the proper way to do the intensity limit runs. The way senri said: Accelerate hard then coast OR The way Flash says Accelerate hard to a point then try to maintain your speed?

I have started SPP and I have been doing it the say Senri posted. Run hard then relax. I am just worried that I will miss out on actual Special endurance. I have been doing more tempo to make up just to keep my fitness from going down.


Maintain your speed. If the int. limit is short, it will feel like coasting. You should be relaxed for all the reps as best you can, so you shouldn’t need to relax at that point.

Should it feel similar to a fast easy fast run?

Should I shoot for a high freqency after the intesity limit point?

No. You accelerate to the point and maintain that speed. Simple as that.

yeah if you relax after the intensity limit run, it will feel like you maintaining your speed anyways.

Probably worth while watching the video 3-4 times over. All the info is in there it’s just too much for you to take in first time around.

this is true, “they” say, you only retain like 20% of what you see in a givin day. So, if you watch the movie every day for 5 or so days, you should start to have a pretty good grasp of what is going on!

Well, when I look at Wednsday’s it doesn’t make sense. It says Intensity limit of 40m+, but nothing on that day is above 30m. Insensity limit on that chart confuses me and didn’t see it explained anywhere in the video. Thanks for any assistance in figuring it out.

Intensity limits is explained several times - 42:40 is the first instance. The FEF is over a total distance of 60m and the speed is equivilant to a run with intensity limit of 40m - which is where you get your 40+ from.

If you search the forum archives you can see several instances where this exact thread is replicated where new members come on and ask these questions. The information is also discussed more in-depth in the Edmonton download.

Hope this helps,