Ins and outs, when?

During which part of the season would one apply in and outs, and coupled with which type of work and in which volume? From all I’ve read my understanding at the moment is that it’s mostly a training tool to be used sporadically when you need to switch a stimulus, reinforce something, etc. It is used with or replacing a max v/speed session. To be more periodic with it, it could be used on a set week using one of those plans with rotating emphasis (ie one week strength, next week technique, etc). Any input, comments, experiences or suggestions regarding the use of ins and outs? I’m seeing how to work them into my plan.

This is covered on the GPP DVD. Speed change drills can be used at different times with different degrees of accel into the starting mark, which will determine the speed of execution. Speed change drills can also help prevent plateauing by constantly changing the speed.