Injury Prevention

Hey, last year was my freshman year at college and I had some terrible shin splints for a majority of the year which wound up hindering my performance. They’ve subsided now and I’m wondering what I could do for the rest of the summer to prevent this from occurring again, thanks!

-everything starts at your feet.
-if uve had problems in the past, go see a foot doctor and get a free examination, they know what theyre talking about. you probably have foot pronation.
-check ur shoes. new balance i know has specific shoes for pronation.
-check out the threads started by unlimited steel on this site.
-check out anything written by eric cressey on
-go thru google type in shin splint treatment
-take in a lot of calcium/magnesium, B vitamins, (athletes with shin/foot/leg problems were deficient in these, esp B-vit’s) fish oil, and u are taking a wider variety of foods than u once were (this is because if ur eating the same foods, u might have been deficient in certain nutrients—keep doing what ur doing, ull keep getting what ur getting)
-ease into training…stay on grass all summer
-barefoot running twice a week as tempo
-barefoot walking on treadmill and strengthening drills for feet and shins
-strengthen hamstrings, glutes, and lwer back
-realllly loosen up quads, calves, upper back, and hips (psoas and tensor fasciae latae)
-during practice: DORSIFLEX
-try to land on all toes, not just big toes, keepin big toe UP
-ice after practice
-heat to shins/calves before practice and on off days

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