Injury prevention exercises.

I do a few gym exercises that are supposed to help prevent injuries, like:

Cuban Press

Holdouts with over 100% of max squat

Natural GHRs

High rep band work (very occasionally)

Depletion pushups

I’m thinking the last two build up connective tissue since they are high rep. I do realize that injury prevention is built into the programs we use by smart planning and common sense, but do any of you have anything to add to the list above for small extra things that might add to prevention?

Cool, thanks zoom!

Some injury prevention exercise, like the ones you mentioned (although some I dont recognize) are good to prevent injuries in the sport performance aspect, but it is important not to forget to do exercises that can prevent injuries from everyday tasks, like simple walking, or doing some gardening, especially for older adults and more especially if you have arthritis and other disabling health conditions (ie, osteopenia, etc)

how about sled dragging?