Injured Sprinters Quest to PR

Week 42

1200m jog
dynamic stretch + form drills barefoot
2x200 in 90-95% spikes, 2 mins rest between rep 20-25mins after set
1x300+30sec rest then 150
1xfly 100 with 20m run in aka 120m
25.1, 24.5, 37.9, 21.6, 13.7
800m jog cooldown
static stretch

Comments: don’t know what happened on the first 200 I think I took it too easy goal was to go 23.8-24.2 (I did feel flat today). After 2x2 there wasn’t really any lactic acid, which is a good sign. I felt good for the first 20m or so of the 150 but then I died and had to push through the rest. Jogged in the last 10 or so of the fly 100. All the pains are still there, calf is getting tight again but I don’t do any workouts to really push it.

1200m jog
static stretch plus quick dynamics
2x10x120yard shuttle runs on grass in trainers @ 70-75%, about 30 secs between reps 1-2min for set
800m jog

Comments: just easy recovery, right thigh was hurting for most parts don’t know if I want to try getting into a competitive 100m too soon…

8min jog (about a mile or so)
static stretch+ dynamics
2x30m (push up start)
3x30m accl+30m float @ 95% in spikes, 3-7mins rest between rep
high knee 100m, walk back
back-pedal 50m+ backwards run 50m, walk 100m
side lunge 50m each side
800m cooldown

Comments: did not feel on point at all, not fast today and the right thigh is feeling tender especially the hamstring, the lunges etc will hurt tomorrow

1200m jog
static stretch+ dynamic stretch
4xbroken 500s (300, walk 200, 200m, walk 100, repeat) @ 65-70%
in trainers, about 1:30 per 100m walk
800m jog cool down
static stretch

Comments: sore from yesterday, probably not a good idea if I’m trying to run this weekend. Legs just feel beat up. Form was bad, didn’t feel fluid at all and I didn’t attempt to fix it because I thought it was probably a side-effect of the soreness.


static + dynamic stretch
1x20,30 straight
1x20,150 curve
@ 95%, spikes, 3mins between reps
1200m jog
static stretch

Comments: feel out of it, slow, and my hamstring is saying no to running a 100m which is what ive been looking forward to…just beat up and out of it…we’ll see

Week 43

400m jog +strides
dynamic stretch
400m leg on 4x4
100m leg on 4x1
3min jog
static stretch

Comments: didn’t really push on the 400 just enough to win so I wasn’t really dead on the last 100 id guess I ran 52-53, the 100 was ok I didn’t hurt my hamstring but I wasn’t as fast as have been previously no real pop…my hip was also hurting now that I have a bit more confidence I can finish I might go run an open for time but I only forsee 11-11.2X

Easy Mile warmup reverse direction
Easy mile in trainers reverse run
4x120yd strides on grass
static stretch

Comments: recovery run but my quad and hamstring was feeling pained/tender in the 120 and even in the mile.

Strides 6-8x100yd
Dynamic warmup
5x350 in trainers 3:30- 4:30min walk recovery 65%-70%
jog 200, dynamic stretch 100m, jog 100, static stretch

Comments: calf looked like it was coming back so I took the cool down easy and even I had to stop running on the balls of my feet for the last 2.5 my form wasn’t as bad as it has been in the pass but I need to relax more and improve front side mechanics, hamstring and the area under the glute wrapping around to the hip was hurting/ felt inflamed a bit/tight but it died down after the cool down

800m jog
5x30m acc+30m fly ( 2 were from blocks)
95%., spikes, 5-7min recovery
100m high knee
50mxfront lunge, backward lunge
800m jog cool down

Comments: lower legs are not feeling good at all. Relaxed bad and my ankle didn’t feel stable, didn’t feel really fast either. Block starts were horrible hurt my groin a bit coming out.


800m jog
dynamic stretch
2x20m, 30m (1 set on straight other on curve)
1x150 @ 95%, in spikes 3-4mins recovery
800m jog
static stretch

Comments: don’t really feel anyways special

Few strides/ 3mins of dynamics
100m leg on 4x100
Quick jog + strides
1x100m 10.8
1x200mleg on 4x200
1x800m leg on smr 2:23 (70)
10mins or more recovery between races
800m jog
static stretch

Comments: There was pretty much no warmup in the 4x1 but we still manage to run a decent time without the leadoff because he didn’t want to get injured, had to walk down 2nd and 3rd but the other team got away on anchor. surprised by the 100m, definitely not as fast as I was looking to be this year but I guess it’s better than nothing considering the setbacks this season and there was light rain + the track was wet. 100 was not perfect which is one of the reasons I was surprised at the time, I didn’t feel fast, drive phase wasn’t aggressive but the transition was decent, start was slow, but I didn’t feel like I feel apart two much in the last 10-20m. The 200 was ok, hopefully all the 400m work will get me to 21.X. The 800m I thought I could have broke 2:20, kind of disappointed if I had more experience I think I could have ran faster but I was against an actual 800 runner so I thought if I went with him he would pull any kick I had out of me. I was actually able to give a good kick on the last 100 but he was too far away by then, I should have stayed with him and left whatever I had on the track. Legs feeling soreish i think its lactic acid…i cant quite get it out

Week 44


800m jog
static+dynamic stretch
3x35m (2x straight, 1x curve)
4x30m acc + 30m fly
@ 95%, in spikes, 4-7mins rest between reps
100m highknees
800m jog
static stretch

Comments: Only did half of the 3rd speed float because I started laughing and couldn’t finish, then did the high knees before the final speed float. Can’t say I feel fast but I feel that I can hold my accel out to 40m and the transition from drive phase is relatively smooth

1200m at a pretty quick pace
dynamics + static stretch
350 in spikes,12mins,350 in trainers, 4mins, 100m stride
@ 75-80% , 55.0, 58
static stretch

Comments: downpour during practice…put the spikes on for the first 350 so id still be able to hit the pace, started raining harder so I went in trainers and was just looking for the distance but I was struggling to get the 58 and my clothes were heavy from the rain then I tried to do 5x100m strides to somehow save the workout but after 1 my calf was hurting so I opted to call it a day.

static + dynamic stretch
@ 95% in spikes, 6-8mins rest w/ a little bit of dynamics
1x100m high knees
1x45m forward lunge, backward lunge
800m jog
static stretch

Comments:…calf is hurting again, tried to do some block starts and I am horrible and the groin of my back foot hurts, some of the runs weren’t quality because of the start or a mistake in one of the phases…I guess that will smoothen out with time…

800m jog
static + dynamic stretch
4x100m on the curve
@ 85%, walk rest of lap recovery around 3-4mins, in spikes
1:35.7, 11.6-13.0
Walk 400m barefoot
Static stretch

Comments: was supposed to do 10x100m so I wasn’t going too hard but then the workout got cut to 4 and I actually ran the last one (11.6). Probably could have went faster on the 600. Left groin into hamstring is hurting.

1200m jog
static stretch
6x150m, jog back 100m recovery
@ 60-65%, on grass in trainers
1200m jog cooldown
static stretch

Comments: still a bit sore, calf hurt a little bit during this one, ankle


Week 45


800m jog
static + dynamic stretch
2x35m, 35m, 30m acc+ 40m fly
1x30m acc+ 40m fly on curve
1st set on straight from blocks, second and 3rd on the curve from down start
@ 95%, spikes, 3mins between reps, 7 mins between set
100m high knees
800m jog

Comments: whenever I come out the blocks my left groin is always hurting, the ones on the curve were estimated with 33steps=10m then I rounded up to 100 steps for 30m. The curve has improved, straight was ok seeing as I’m horrible with the blocks, left calf hurting again and outside of my right hip into hamstring area is feeling tight. Massaged it a bit yesterday but I don’t think it really helped.

800m jog
dynamic stretch
8x200m @ 70%, in spikes 1-1:30min recovery
dynamics+static stretch

Comments: went out in 25 for the first one bad idea….felt I could have ran them faster even though I was struggling/dead after the last rep…I always seem to have that feeling. My groin into hamsting area is killing my legs feel done my calf was acting up so I didn’t want to try and test it by jogging the cooldown…thought I was getting over this but it seems to be back….

22:04 jog
all on the pavement or on the track on the track was a mile fartlek

Comments: my hamstrings were killing today my legs felt wrecked I thought this would help but my calf/ Achilles was tight halfway through the run and my knees were hurting from the start. I felt like there were patches and stuff in my hamstrings.

8:51 jog all on pavement
static stretch

Comments: about 4 mins in it started thundering so I ran home for my life tight calf, hurting knees and everything. I massaged/ put bengay on it but after it wore of it was even tighter. Lower hamstring area hurting too.

800m jog
dynamic stretch
2x40m acc+40m float on curve
1x40macc+40m float + 40m sprint on curve
@ 95% in spikes rest 4mins
800m jog

Comments: didn’t have enough time to get full rest on longer reps because it was late. The starts felt better than as of late, one of the 80reps was poor relaxation wise, calf etc was hurting earlier in the day it seems like it hurts more when I do the higher volumes or I just don’t think about it as much during the speed workouts.


800m jog
static stretch
3x300m, walk 200m, 200m, walk 100m
@ 70% in trainers, 1-1:30mins per 100m walked recovery

Comments: nothing special pace was suppose to be 50/30 but w/e for the pass week ive noticed it seems as if my left Achilles twitches as I walk up the stairs and there is a tender strand of muscle in between my hamstring/adductor area on my right leg which mostly acts up when im not running

Week 46


800m jog
dynamic stretch
2x30m acc+ 30m float
1x 30m acc+20m float+20m sprint
1x 30m acc+30m float+30m sprint
@ 95% in spikes 5 mins recovery
800m jog
static stretch

Comments: the acc was ok, float was ok I felt there was some improvement

800m jog
dynamic stretch
1x100m,200m,300m,400m, @ 80% in spikes, 5 mins recovery
800m jog

Comments: didn’t really warmup that well, workout was harder than expected, didn’t really push too hard but I was still struggling w/ bad form on the longer reps if I wasn’t wearing the spikes the times would have probably been way off


Jog up field and back
2x80-110m accel/float
quick/poor dynamics
more 80-110
100m@ 100% - 10.8
200m leg on 4x200 @ 100%
all in spikes full recovery
5 min slooow jog/trot

Comments: I don’t know why I feel so wrecked after a meet when its easier than practices. Maybe the poor/no warmup. 100 last time I ran in rain today it was cold but I don’t think it was that cold to considerably slow the times…start was bad mechanics poor like what I noticed in practices….not really fluid and high knee action wasn’t there, tripped up around 70-80m mark which broke my stride but I picked it back up and it set me up for a good lean. 200 didn’t leave me as tired as it has in the pass but I didn’t try to sprint the whole thing like I have before I floated the 2nd part of the hundred and went hard down the straight. Have to run an open race to analyze the strategy.



Week 47


Calf still feeling tight walking around…I think ill have to up stretching

800m jog
static+dynamic stretch
2x100m strides on curve
@ 80% in spikes,7 mins,6 mins, 5 mins, 5 mins, 11 mins rest
1:48, 89, 62, ?,?
800m jog
static stretch

Comments: that was only the first half of the workout it was suppose to go back up the ladder but I had a headache/ felt nauseous. Tried to keep form when tired but it wasn’t that good. Even though my legs were tired I think I could have run them faster but when I try and run with good form that’s when my calfs start tightening which lead to my previous injury so I held back.



800m jog
static + dynamic stretch
about 5x40-50m + some football routes
95%, grass, barefoot
800m jog
static stretch


Week 48


Static stretch +light self massage + ice

800m jog
static stretch+dynamics
3x130 (50-40-50 SFS) around the 200m bend
95%, in spikes, standing start, incomplete recovery probably around 7 mins
800m jog
static stretch

Comments: float was not fluid it was real choppy but it improved with each rep. Legs are a problem im not getting good lift and the drag that happened in my 100m race was happening. My left glute/hamstring area was hurting after anon my right leg in addition to the where the fascia is hurting I feel like something is poking me on the inside thigh. Feel like all my injuries are not healing and they will carry on to the next season and become permanent problems…

Light static stretch, ice, massage

Comments: my upper quad is hurting I don’t know if it was the workout or I overstretched it yesterday


Light static stretch, moist heat, massage

Using these videos for my massages,but only using hands.
Self massage for athletes

Light static stretch, moist heat , massage

Comments: My left leg calf seems to be tighter after the massage, my hamstrings aren’t twitching right now I’m guessing that’s a benefit of the massage

Week 49

Light static stretch/moist heat

Comments: Played a football game today I think it was a bad idea cause I’m feeling kinda sore and im trying to recover right now. Left hip was hurting earlier in the day.

Light static stretch/moist heat/massage

400m jog+strides
static+dynamic stretch
3x300m @ 75-80%time (with about 85-90%) effort, in trainers
800m jog
static stretch

Comments: my right groin was hurting during the warmup jog, my right glute/hamstring area was still tight and as im typing this my left hamstring is hurting maybe from lactic acid I don’t know. Feel like all this recovery stuff I’m doing isn’t helping and these injuries will doom my next season. On a plus side, even though I didn’t get the times and was dead at the end; I handled the workout better than expected.

Moist heat, stretch

Comments: still tight not really seeing improvements…

400m jog
3x90-110m acc sprint outs
100m race
200m leg on 4x200m race
98%, in spikes full recovery
ice + moist heat on my right groin area

Comments: my groin was hurting and still is before the 4x200m race. Jogged in the last 10-15m of the 100/there was a light headwind so I think I let a 10.6-10.7 go. I think this might be it for this season and hopefully ill be able to maintain this speed and carry it over to gpp. I need to focus on healing up.

Light static stretch

Light moist heat, static stretch

Week 50

Light static stretch

Light moist heat, static stretch, massage

Light moist heat, stretch, improvised massaged

Comments: the last few day my front deltoid area has started hurting, feels like a strain or slight tear, it originally started when I was weight training but then it went away and, if I had to mark a time, when I started to massage more frequently it started hurting again…I iced and massaged it but that seemed to have been a bad idea. Currently I am applying moist heat and bengay and will monitor it over the next few days.

Light moist heat, static stretch,

Light moist heat, stretch, massage

Light moist heat, stretch,

Light moist heat, stretch, improvised massaged

Week 51

Light moist heat, static stretch

Comments: I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes then my right lower leg in the shin area felt like a pop kind and that area has just felt stiff like theres a pooling of blood and I put heat on it but it isn’t helping at the moment.

Light moist heat, static stretch

Light moist heat, static stretch

Light moist heat

Light moist heat

Light mosit heat



Season went good and bad. It was good because I was able to improve my 400 time even though it is way below my potential based on my 100m time. I didn’t get to run a 200m to test my time which is really what I wanted to improve. I got a lot of little injuries some I don’t know what from and some got worse because I ignored them and trained through them. I have a little ocd problem with finishing a set but I will have to work on that next season. I need to be more organized with planning the upcoming season and spend that extra time, make that extra time for rehab/recovery and take care of myself better so that I don’t get hurt or re-injure myself. Already I’ll be going into the next season with some limiting injuries like my shoulder-pec area, and my side spasm, which will really limit my upperbody work. My groin, hip and calf are reoccurring problems too. I was glad that I was still able to run a sub 11 with the injuries and time that I had to take off. I would have been more pleased if I ran 10.7 but I’ll have to settle for 10.8 and hopefully next season I can go 10.5 and beyond. I don’t know if the volume, long season, shoes, practice surface or what caused me so many problems this year but I do plan on upping the volume and lowering the intensity for GPP and continue the acc dev work like I did this season but the unpredictable training in the winter/early spring makes it really hard to plan beyond gpp. I need to get stronger and stay healthy I think the fact that I did more speed work at the end of the season helped me to be able to still run decent times despite time off and injuries. Need to sleep better and get my life off the track in better order so that it doesn’t affect my training. Goals for next year – 6.9-7.0x,10.5,21.4-21.5,50.X

That 6.9s 60m will have you at 3.6s flying 40m over the last 60-100m if you want to hit that 10.5. Thats a pretty serious flying 40m in relations to your first 30m.

Ato Boldon ran 3.57s for his last 40m in 97 to run 10.02s.

Before hitting that sort of speed, you’ve got to get your accelerations up to an equivalent 60m time.

what do you suggest i adjust to

6.8 for a 10.5 would be more applicable. Working on acceleration along with speed would help this.

Whats your previous pr in the 60m?

Although it wouldn’t be impossible to run a 10.5 off a 6.9, you would have to have a serious top end speed and a pretty bad start and acceleration phase.

7.1, 10.8,22.1

Your 200m strength must helped your 100m time a lot.

lol im horrible at the 200 i should be running 21 point, and that was a pr time id mostly 22.2-22.4

I was comparing it to your 60 and 100m times. My 60 time is faster but your 200m is faster and our 100m time is similar.

oh i see it might be deceptive because i only ran two 60m races ( my first ever), and then i got injured. the 200m time is a PR from last year( my 100 pr from last year is 10.7). typically my 200 is poor…i have ran 10.9/22.4,11.0-11.1/22.7-22.9, 11.2/23.0. My aim last season was to improve my 400m to improve my 200m but i got hurt my only 200 was indoors (23.5) coming off a injury layoff and it was my first time running on a bank track.

Goals for next year – 6.9-7.0x,10.5,21.4-21.5,50.X

I think you need a 6.7-8 60m to hit 10.5 in the 100m…