Athletes with sickle cell anemia

Just curious,

I have researched the basics about the disease. I have an athlete that has good potential but can rarely handle a full week of moderate intensity work (ie half the pure speed workouts, 1 day rest, tolerates a easy tempo day(usually on bike or in pool) then can barely finish a speed endurance day.) The problem isn’t fatigue during the workouts its more of a joint pain issue.

Any hints or thoughts on this, anything would help.

Don’t see this has an handicap, a study was run on French athletes, and many of the top west indies had sickle trait.
Adjust your training to individuals, anyway there always are differences regarding tolerance for training loads, for athletes with or without sickle trait.

Watch for this athlete’s nutrition, maybe his current habits don’t help for workout recovery.

What are the blood values?

im interested in this as I too have this “problem”. I know that it does effect his fatigue level. So I only push him so far. But my guys improving so I’m not really having trouble. Just interesting subject that I would like to know more about.