inflamed knee tissue

I recently have been experiencing knee problems. I think ive been increasing my milage too much too fast. And all ive been running on are sidewalks because thats basically all there is to run on here. the trainer here said its inflamed pica tissue. And they have me on Nabumetone some kind of anti-inflamitory. ive been doing some pool workouts and running on it a little on grass, its been about three weeks now and it is still bothering me. any suggestions for training, or should i just ice and wait since it is only october?

Get an MRI and start from there

There is no question that you should always be icing and taking care of yourself. As far as pool workouts go, they are great for rehab and SHOULD with no reservation be implemented to yer current workuot/rehab regime.
The Anti-Inflammatories will help for pain, but that doesnt mean that the root of the problem will be helped or improved.
I think its important to also ask, what event are you running? Are you’re shoes old? You have now started running on grass you said, which is good and should be continued.
Sometimes its the small things that make the difference.

I run 400/800… the trainers sent me to the hospital and the only thing they have me doing is taking these anti-inflamitorys and icing, im riding the bike a lot too, should i be running at all on it? ive been wearing new running shoes. Should i ask my trainer about an MRI? what will that help show?

I think what you’re doing right now is good. The MRI is a great way to set a baseline of what your problem is and as Clemson said, you take it from there. Good Luck, keep us informed.

Get in the pool. you can do plenty of work in there. Why mileage??? You run the 400/800! Stay on grass for tempo intervals-NO MILEAGE- NO ROAD WORK!