indoor season

i was wondering if someone was following a short to long approach where doing the fall they really focus on accle devlopment until they fill comfortable then move on to top speed then outdoor focus on speed endurance… i was wondering could that person run a good 200m indoor since they are not doing speed endurance.

For me it makes very little sense to "lock in” speed endurance of lesser speed. start the outdoor phase with 3-6 weeks of speed endurance work, such as 10x60m, and 80-150m repeats. This way, once you start running, outdoors, you are running at a higher pace speed endurance, instead of trying to build TS and speed endurance at the same time

Yeah, I think I understand what you’re asking. I guess one thing to consider would be what your goal is or whether or not there is a specific meet your targeting for peak. You may be able to run a good 200m indoor without speed endurance training but it probably won’t be as much of a peak performance that SE would bring.