Indoor 100m Conversion

Hey guys I was thinking about running in this one meet the beginning of next month and they are having a 100m race indoor and I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what a rough conversion would be to an outdoor time. I am not sure exactly how the race will be run, but here is a link to the track that it will be run on if that helps at all.

Any guesses or approximations would be helpful, thanks in advance.

Barton Hall

Looks like it’s around a corner. If it is, stay out of it!

Interesting that they’re having a 100. That is Cornell…we used to run there quite a bit in college. Track overall for anything over 60 is kinda slow. Very wide turns just never seen any real fast 200’s or 400’s on there. The new york state meet was even there last year. The 300’s were pretty slow.