Increasing Sprinting Speed

What are the main ways to increase your sprinting speed? The basics, from what I understand, are:

Having enough base strength to absorb the force of each stride. I’ve heard a 1.5 to 2.0 x bodyweight squat is good to shoot for.

After getting a good base strength, working on reactivity and explosiveness through plyos and the like.

On top of the above two, sprinting with proper technique. Here I’m a bit shady as to what’s proper. I’ve heard the knees shouldn’t come up much at all, and you “skip” down the track/field.

Do I have it correct, that the above three are the main points to focus on?

Is there anything else?

Any recommended footwear?

buy cfts has a whole chapter on sprint tech, very easy to follow.

What’s CFTS? Link?

Also, what about my question? Aside from point three (i.e., technique), am I correct?

I take it my other questions aren’t allowed to be answered or something?

ur right, they shouldnt be place in this forum go to the beginner forum.

Lots and lots. Give the search function a whirl. It should guide you on your quest. Sprinting isn’t a focus on 3 or 4 things and you will be fast. There are hundreds of things to consider. So, take some time (months if necessary) and go through the forum. Get the videos and books as well.

Better yet, search for a while before asking.

Have a look through the forum first. You’ll get lots of info there by topic and you may find you have a lot more directed questions after that.

don’t feel bad. :mad: THis happens to everyone that writes in and hopes they can “just add water” and get instant potatoes. :frowning:

They did this to me when I first came in. I reluctantly followed the advice and spent about a month everyday reading the forum and trust me it helps a ton. :smiley:

(see the continuum of smilies)