Incorporating Plyos...

For those who care here is my “general” plan for this year as of now…

I would like to follow Charlies guidelines that he has in the Forum Review book but i have a few questions. Right now i am in the 3 rd week of Gpp. i would like to start incorpating plyos this week. Would doing my plyos Monday Wed. Friday be good even though the only day i am doing real speed (accel)work is monday? Or i might even just do them on Monday and Friday. What would be better? Also I seen in the manual it has plyos listed last after the actual workout. Should plyos always be done last? How about if i did the plyos on an intensive tempo or split run day. Should they still be done last. I need some plyo info!!! thanx guys!

General Prep Phase (4 weeks) Sept 1st-Oct.3rd

2 weeks
Monday - Int. Tempo
Tuesday-Ext. Tempo/Hurdle Mobility/Med balls
Wednesday-Ext. Tempo in Pool
Friday-Ext. Tempo

2 weeks
Monday-Accel Development (reaction drills/Accel.drills 20 meters)
Tuesday-Extensive Tempo/Hurdle Mobility
Wednesday-Intensive Tempo
Thurday-Strength Endurance (ex. marching A’s 150 meters x 3)/Ext. Tempo (pool if needed)

Special Prep Phase (8 weeks) Oct. 6th-Dec.2nd

4 weeks
Monday - Acc. Dev. Up to 30-40 meters
Tuesday-Ext. Tempo/Hurdle Mobilty/Med Balls
Wednesday-Split Runs
Thurs-Ext. Tempo (Pool if needed)

4 weeks
Monday-Acc. Dev. Plus Speed Dev. (up to 80 meters)
Tuesday-Extensive Tempo/Hurdle Mobility/Med Balls
Wednesday-Special Endurance 2 (Reps. 300-600)
Thursday-Extensive Tempo (Pool if needed)

Precompetition Phase (6-8 weeks)

Monday-Speed Endurance/Special Endurance 1
Tuesday-Extensive Tempo/Hurdle Mobility
Wednesday-Accel. Development/Max Velocity
Thursday-Extensive Tempo
Friday-Special Endurance 2 (300-600 meter reps.) (1200 meters max volume)
Saturday-………. If competing then Special Endurance 2 (Friday will be dropped)

Note: If not fully recovered Wednesday can be taken as complete rest or tempo in the pool and everything moves down 1 day

Competition Phase

Monday-Speed Endurance/Special Endurance 1&or2
Tuesday-Extensive Tempo/Hurdle Mobility
Wednesday-Accel. Development/Max Velocity

bump i’ll like to know too :wink:

Always do the highest intensity element first. So, it should be best to do plyos before intensive tempo and after split runs.

Wednesday-Intensive Tempo
Thurday-Strength Endurance (ex. marching A’s 150 meters x 3)/Ext. Tempo (pool if needed)

This is an excerpt from the top post by Quickazhell.

Erm… What are “marching A’s” ?

Are they a walking version of running A’s ? If so, how does that work ?

Yes, they’re a walking version and they should come first in the teaching sequence. With them it should feel like one foot is in contact with the ground at all times.

Are you coaching yourself now?

Official practice isnt until monday. So the past 3 weeks i been seeing my coach and he has been agreeing with what i have been doing. But i showed him my whole plan and its something he wants to mix with his.

Plyos 3 times a week seems like a lot but I dont think I am in the same shape you are.

I have decided that on my accel day (day 1) I am going to incorporate most of my explosive work on that day with light plyos on Day 4. (I am transitioning to SPP now)

I don’t know if this helps at all. Just a different perspective for you :slight_smile:

I currently do my plyos on monday and wednesday after I complete my short speed workout, during GPP.

I’m a begginer and the weather her is going to get cold real quik so I’m focusing on special endurance. But I do plyos all the time after I do a special endurance or short speed workout and like 4-10 jumps before a workout. Usuall double leg butt kicks or jumps over hurdles before I sprint. I almost always do plyos now after I workout but how much depends on if I have access to weights or not that day.