incorporating CFTS for the long jump

Hi please can someone (charlie !) help with incorporating the sprinting methods for a 7m long jumper. I have followed pretty much the gpp video’s 7 week plan. Everything is going well i am now 4 weeks into the short to long programme i am using one speed and one spped session a week i.e flying 20’s and the 3x3x60m sprints. the system is working really well and the improvements from the hills and med ball accelerations are amazing. Its the first time a real specific appraoch has improved all aspects of my training. since I was in need of speed and accelertion i thought following the short to long was ideal. What I want to know is how can i make it ore specific to my long jump? where do I go in spp2 could you give some guidelines to the kids of distances I need to work on?.

January 22nd,

Thanks for asking about this. I need to know about how all of this applies to the long jump as well. Maybe we’ll get some good info from some folks here.

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Since LJ is very dependent on running speed, you can keep your three speed days per week. I’d probably just start to integrate more general jumps in a GP phase, then work to expanding your volume and specificity of your jumps (i.e. LJ takeoffs) and integrating it into your high intensity days.

My order would be:

Day 1:
Some hurdle/box jumps

Day 2:

LJ Emphasis - Drills/Jumps

Day 3:

Approach Runs
LJ - Drills/Jumps

On off-days, you would have your tempo runs, ab work, other general strength and work capacity activities.

The above is just a conceptual approach, the details could get a lot more interesting, especially as you taper for competitions.

Mike from LSU, a poster here (occasionally) and the owner of has posted quite a bit of info on what they do at LSU, which is kind of successful (understatement).

They have a set-up similar to CFTS with hi intensity days 3x a week, which generally includes plyos, weights, and of course, sprints. Full run throughs with full recovery are often done on these days. The low intensity days are where there are some significant points that are different. Short approach jumps (4-7 steps I believe is the standard, but he could better comment) and lots of general strength and “bodybuilding” circuits are used on these days. During GPP. multi-jump workouts are also used on these days where many low intensity jumps (often to improve basic landing and take off mechanics for the different jumps and plain correct movement patters) are used.

I’d suggest you take a look at his site or try to get into contact him in some way for more info, as he has a lot of info on the program at LSU.

Just an update, Mike recently took a job at Army, so he is no longer at LSU. However, he was there for quite a while and definitely knows a lot about the program.

hi thanks for the input everybody.

The problem I have is that I can only train with my coach after 5pm on tuesdays and thursday and saturday in the indoor facility which has a lj pit. I have to work - albeit part time and therefore I can’t do the classisc CFTS set yp. this is my weekly schedule :

Monday -
drills power speed
speed ( 4 x30m sprints)
- flying work 20 e 20 f 20 etc as vancouver 2004

followed by weights

tuesday -
lj drills take off 1-2 step simulations x30m
short appraosh 65% speed efforts of a ramp to parcatice ait techniqe
core med ball

sometimes some light 100m tempo’s on grass
wed = weights

thursday = take offs similar to tuesday with run up work for accelerations
and some 60ms speed endurance at the end
med ball circuit

Friday =

glute preah/rehab

saturday = technical / hills so far

sunday rest

now i Know ther are someissues here I know about high intensity and low intesity and tempo to sepearate these components.

But in my situation the logistics and rteality don;t allow that structure to take place.

i therefore have to compromise ideally i wouyld love to do my plyos and takeoff a nd weights in acopntrolled volume all on high int days.

i hav eno choice but to do weight on sepearte days to myjumps .

at the moment in phase 1 its ok as the jump work is submaximal i would need to change things if i am doig 95% efforts of full runup speed then it would become two high int days in a row.

can someone give some guidance to my structure of course in the summer i can swiotch things around so that the run ups and weights are on the same days.

also what kind of spped work should i be doing, im following charlies suggested 7 week gpp phass as on dvd with great results and currently doing about 2 rds of his suggested sprint progression form vancouver 2004 i have reaped but what to do in spp2 and beyound

imy eevent does not require me to go beyound 50m max??

please help

they dont do tempo for jumpers there tho. they do general strength/bodybuilding circuits instead of them.