In the CFTS?? calfs


In the CFTS you said that you should just let running make the calfs strong. Also you said in your video Ben Johnson was not deficient in this area. This year I tried this and did no weight lifting with my calfs and it seems that I did not have the lift at the end of the race as I usually do. It was like instead of driving out and being up and down and relaxed I was trying to force myself to be up and down. Last year I ran 10.49 legal and this year I could only hit 10.66 and I know for sure my hips are stronger because my clean went up my 25 and squat by 75. (231pc 405 squat). Just looking for response to know when you are deficient in the calf area.

Thank you

O’ When is the new SPP video coming out. I want to use it for next seasons training. I am out of college now and can train like I want. Also I wanted to know how Ben stayed so trim. I was looking a meet where they said he was 5’10 165 pounds and I found that amazing because I am 5’4 160 and my body fat is 4.0. He must have had no fat on him at all.

Thank you in advance sorry for all the questions. I haven’t e-mailed in a long time

What drills were you still doing forthe calves. We did a lot of drill with and without additional load (sandbag or Med ball), a high vol of sprinting and strength endurance work (running As over longer distances). I didn’t feel we needed more.

What do you mean by running A’s

I when back in my training log from 2002 and it showed that I did a lot of high knees over 100 meter distances. I don’t think we did anymore drills than this except plyos and that was not in the SPP it was in the GPP

Running As are high knees.

Running As over 100m (walking speed forward) would be Strength Endurance.

When should you do these A’s? All season long or just in the GPP. If so what days on tempo days or CNS stressing days. Also like in my first question, I was just asking how Ben Stayed so lean just so I could maybe use some of these methods because I know he was 5’10 173 to 165 and I am 5’4 at 165 so that may be too heavy.

Thank you Coach Francis

Your knowledge baffles me.

5’4, 165 with 4% body fat, are you sure, I don’t know if you could get anymore lean if those stats are correct

Strength Endurance is usually done once a week on Sat up to the pre-comp period, with a higher vol during the GPP, with some of the work done in Str End replaced by Special Endurance later on. It is considered high CNS stress.
The greatest emphasis on Strength End will be in programs of the long to short type.