In season lifting

ok this is hoow my in season lifting plan looks like right now.

Any critique and improvements are welcome, also I still need hints about intensity.

Football practice Mo/WE/FR Gameday is SUNDAY.

Mo: hang clean 5x3
back squat 3x8
bench press 4x6
pull downs 4x8

We: hang snatch 5x3
deadlift 3x8
incline db 4x6
bb rows 4x8

both dayws will include some shoulder work and abs.

anything i should do different?


decrease the reps, and i probably would drop the dl’s. maybe:

clean pull 4x3
back squats 3x3
bench press 4x3-5
rows 3x6

hang snatch 4x3
stepups 3-4x5 optional
incline press 4x3-5
chinups 3x8

you may want to only train lower body once a week, so mon total body, wed or thur upper. also is you play a skill position i may drop the squats and only do single leg work.