in season lifting for 800/400 athlete

in-season lifting for 800/400 athlete

I was wonderin what lifting schedule is best for an 800 meter runner in-season. Usually our meets are on sats and our hard workoutd on tues, which means i usually only do legs on the hard CNS day. I was wonderin if it was permissable to do a workout on the day after the meet. I do the press/oly/squat template and would like to keep it that way instead of splitting into upper/lower. I also do bb circuits oncer or twice a wk. Would a workout the day after a meet be a good setup or not?

ex.Sun-off or lift
Mon-bb, tempo
Tues-track(hard), lift
Wed-bb circuit, tempo
Thurs-easy run, possibly lift if not done on sun
Fri-warm-up, relay exchanges