In need some help putting together a speed/pylometrics program

I play competitive hockey and want to put together an off-season speed program that will help me become much faster for next season. I’ve commited two days a week, on top of my strength training and conditioning/agility workouts, to work on my speed. The only problem is I’m not sure what an effective spped training program looks like. Here is some information about me.

17 years old
185 Lbs
Squat: 245 Lbs
Bench: 180 Lbs
Deadlift: 305 Lbs

I’m using Joe Defranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastards weight training program. My schedule will look something like this.


MONDAY (P.M.) – Speed/Pylometrics Work

TUESDAY – Conditioning/Agility

WEDNESDAY – Speed/Pylometrics Work

THURSDAY – REPETITION Upper Body, Conditioning/Agility

FRIDAY – Conditioning/Agility

SATURDAY – Lower Body lift, Medball work, Core


I’ve got all of my workouts taken care of except for the speed/pylometrics ones. Anybody wanna help me out?

So are you saying you want to incorporate a plyometric/speed workout with your “Westside for Skinny Bastards” program? If you are looking for speed and agility, i would say ditch that program as a whole b/c that program is made to latch on some muscle, and then look towards making a plyometrics program.

Does your season start in Sept ?