In know what do do in the weigth room, but not what to do on the track!

OK I have an relative Strenght Training workout for Legs, but I do not know what to do on track! My goal is to become very fast on the basketball court !
The strenght programm looks strange, but I know what I am doing!
It is possible to do a sprint workout after the weigth training!
The same workout is done on three consecutive days ! (Mo, TU, WE)

  1. dynamic streching
  2. Deadlift 2-3sets 2-3reps @ 85%-95% of 1RM
    Deep Jumps 3-6 immidatly after the deadlift
    5min rest
  3. Powerclean or speed box squats 2-3sets of 2-3reps
    5min rest
  4. Ab work (isometric)

The workout covers all strenght training for the legs!
What should J do on track to maximise the benefits of this workout!

lol taken from the Barry Ross article? I think you should buy his book if you want to do this as the sprint training and the weight lifting must go together for a successful program.

I don´t think so. Perhaps you should learn english, too. Why basketball? Wasn´t it waterpolo?