Improving sprint speed for non-competitors

Hi just looking for some advice on the best way to improve my sprinting speed. I have a cinder block for a hip and the gait and technical finess of a hippo, whilst this offers certain advantages when it comes to stability and pure strength stuff (I can deep squat 440pounds for 6 without going to failure) it seems to work against me sprinting wise. My current bodyfat would be around 9% my focus is strength/weights training orientated but I would like as secondary goal to bring up my sprint speed a bit.

Currently I do a upper/lower split 4x a week and do active recovery/tempo runs on the off days with which I have had great results. I have been considering adding 5-6 hill sprints with 3-5 min rest inbetween perhaps on sunday doing light tempo in the afternoon.

Monday - Upper
Tuesday - Lower
Wednesday - Tempo (the 2100m 100,200’s program outlined by charlie)
Thursday - Upper
Friday - Lower
Saturday - Light Hang cleans 10 x 10 (for recovery), Tempo in the afternoon
Sunday - 5-6 Hill sprints, Tempo in the afternoon (reduce volume is feeling over trained or skip)

I am not looking to win any races sprint wise but would this once a week session be beneficial or a waste of time? With leg training the way it is I cannot afford to commit more days to it really.