Improving ground contact times

How would i go about making it more minimal?Like what kind of drills or workouts?

On my opinion improved GCT is the result of improved speed and NOT vice versa
What does this mean? It means that you should improve your speed, and the GCT will improve as a consequence of improved speed!
Targeting only GCT is the example of paralysis by analysis
GCT should be OPTIMAL and NOT minimal!!! When you decrease your GCT too much (because increased leg stiffness), youn anit’ havin much time to apply propuslive forces, thus your stride length decreases and as a result your speed. If you increase your GCT, your stride freq will suffer and thus speed will decrease!
On opinion of Alexander Michalow, to improve your max speed, you should improve your ability to apply force in minimal time (and in gretar speed with less movement amplitude-this is example for ankle) in both vertical and horizontal planes…
For more info about this, contact him! He is member at this forum: alexmicha is his nick.
I hope I helped…

flying 30’s, 60’s

work on drills, you can improve it to an extent with good foot plant and technique.