Improve 10 yard dash help

Hey guys this is my first time posting.

I currently run the 40 yard dash at 4.9,

But my 10 yard dash is killing my time

which was 2.12 seconds

I dont know the 40 yard dash stand

Currernt I have been in weight training.
(for the first time)

how can i improve and i need info on the
40 yard dash stand.

by the way am 6.0ft and 140 pounds

Are you lacking explosive power? At 6 ft and 140 you may need to increase your strength. It sounds like your SSC is good , but you lack the power to get out of the hole. If you don’t have the power to get in the proper position at the beginnning, you get incomplete hip extension. You could be overstriding in the beginning. You may need to rehearse your starts over and over. Sometimes it helps to exagerate the starts by using short choppy strides. By doing this, you will probably stride longer than the choppy steps you rehearsed, but shorter than your normal stride. Look at the CFTS for hints as to lifts. Deadlifts, reverse leg press(glute ham extension), and other hip extension lifts may be most beneficial. Hope it helps.

Thanks thats what an lacking but the way
what is SSC?

By adding weight training, you’re already addressing the issue of the first 10. Don’t look for too many other changes till the response to the weights has a chance to take hold.

Whats SSC?

stretch shortening cycle

I agree weights make a huge difference and so does recovery. If you dont feel springy in the first 10m then its over.

I have found that weight work is highly applicable to the first 10 or 20.

Do your heavy squats to parallel or below and cleans and snatches. If I can’t make it to the track (because of weather, injuries, travel, whatever…) but keep up these lifts, then I find that my start and initial acceleration are usually right on mark, however once the distance stretches out, then I can feel the impact of missing my speed work.


Originally posted by Timothy Lane
If you dont feel springy in the first 10m then its over.

Top quote Timbo. :clap:
It applies to lots of things. Bad starts, flat days. A good motto to build on! Love it.