ice baths

what are peoples opinions of these?

There should be a lot of info on the board already…Try to search the forums. I know that i’ve made some posts about it in the past.

Goodness, that dude in the picture is really cut, and wow, freaking huge! MJ who the hell is that? Any info how i can contact that guy would be great, thanks.

His forum name could be “mj”…

MJ is that you?..or wait a minute…isn’t that me?? :wink:

LOL Yes that is me.

Dig this daddio!

MJ are you Daniel Batman’s twin brother? :slight_smile:

i think this may turn into a bodybuilding contest or some sort of upper body physique show. i will post my pic when i get a chance. :wink:

I will not post my pic even if I got the chance…

To much bench? Check the internally rotated, foward hanging arms. Do you have healthy shoulders MJ? This type of posture is prone to impingement probs. Just my 2c. In good shape otherwise.

With a body weight of 170 pounds and pulling a low row cable machine off…this guy looks like the real deal.

I haven’t had shoulder problems as of yet, and hopefully I don’t develop any.

If you fellas are done stroking each other, LOL, I would answer the ice bath question with another question…How advance are you in your own training that you are considering ice baths? Considering the numerous means and methods of strength training available to us all, I believe ice baths should take a back seat. Unless, of course, we are talking about rehabilitation from an acute trauma.
James Smith

Who’s Daniel Batman??

well jman I’m currently doing around 10 sessions a week. heavy weights, oly lifts, plyos and sports training and matches.

Suggy, you indicate that you have a high training volume. Do you feel that your training is progressing, with respect to your training program/goals/PR’s? If it is, than bleed the well til it’s dry brother.
However, If you are having problems with recovery, I would first look at how accurately you are adjusting specific volume/intensity (i.e., in terms of load with respect to each lift per microcycle), in addition to nutrition and rest.
Lastly, if I am way off base and you are simply curious as to the effectiveness of ice baths, than your best bet is to give them a shot, and determine for yourself.
James Smith

After every speed session i go up to my navel in an ice bath of 45-50 degrees f. for a period of 15 minutes.