ian king's sprint training?

I have been reading a lot on ian king and his strength training,but I cannot find alot about his sprint training. Can someone help me?

Marcus, I have Ian’s speed training seminar on video. For the most part, Ian takes a lot of his speed training concepts from Charlie. However, Ian’s methods are more adapted for team sports, rather than track sprinters. Therefore, some of his methods and techniques differ from Charlie’s, but not dramatically. The tapes are pricy, but if you’re interested, check out http://www.kingsports.net

what would be the differences in the sports section that would be different than sprinting. LIke that of basketball?

shorter sprints? more focus on endurance?

The biggest difference is starting mechanics, both for straight and lateral running.

I have used both Ian’s and Charlies methods for the past 3+ years. I would say that Ian has a great deal of respect for Charlie. Charlie is certainly the #1 authority in sprint training. It is simply awesome to hear him speak on sprinting. Not only do you feel the passion he has for speed training, his understanding of sprinting is unsurpassed. Ian also has good results with speed. I am sure he has learned much from Charlie’s work. Ian is easily the most well read person I know. I have used his training methods with great success. My business partner and I have run speed camps for 3 years(football) and have had some dramatic results. His videos are a must have for the coach who wants to sharpen his ability. Ian wrote a program for 6 weeks of speed work for one of my athletes who played high school soccer. He was a great player who lacked on thing; explosive speed. 6 weeks later, huge difference. Due to his improvements, he received a scholarship to Notre Dame University soccer. Nuff said.

So do you see a difference between Ian’s and Charlie’s methods of sprint training? If so, how would you describe them?

Also, would you be willing to share some of the soccer training program that was created for those on this forum who are looking to improve their soccer speed?

Ian and Charlie share the same low volume high intensity philosophy. It also say’s a bit about how conditioning should be carried out. Speed develops endurance, endurance doesn’t develop speed. Why have athletes run for extended periods when they only run for a max of 10 secs in a football game. It kills me to see coaches run their players legs to rubber, rehearsing bad habits all the while and making them slower to boot. Then thay go play and because they are so ovetrained, the ylook tired. So the coach figures, their out of shape, lets run more. Just insane! Like Flash said, Ian works on all facets of speed such as lateral. That seems to be one reason why so many track men don’t cut it in football, great straight line speed, not much laterally or changing direction. One test the NFL uses is the 40 yd dash. It measures straight acceleration and speed. The shuttle (5-10-5) measures lateral speed plus ability to change direction. Some guys put up impressive 40’s but lousy shuttles. As a rule of thumb, a guy should be able to beat his 40 time in the shuttle. As far as Ian’s program, I feel I would be doing him a disservice to give out the program as this was his creation and is from his ability to make a living. I will however give you a synopsis. Because I sent Ian a tape of Gianni running, he could break down his weaknesses. From a functional stand point, his running was off. Leg cycle behind him, arm carriage across the body, opening and closing the elbow, lacking explosiveness off the start. We cleaned that up with some drills. The program evolved into doing sled(tire) pulls to increase acceleration. Awesome training effect. Lots of ladder work. Most distances were 10-30 yds. It was quite noticeable to see the difference on video. Ian does a lot of drills that exaggerate the effect he is looking for, because by nature, we revert back to old habits. If they are used to 50% and you ask for 100%, you likely get 75%, which is marked improvement. As an overall physical prep guy, I believe Ian is the best on the planet. I have attended his 3 day bootcamp as well as his 5 day bootcamp. He is an invaluable source of training information. Charlie is the number one authority on speed period. That said, Ian offers much to anyone who wants to improve their sporting speed. He has made me in excess of $80,000 in 3 years using his methods. You could contact him and have him put together a speed program. Cost $300-$400. If you want, e-mail me and I will be happy to fire off something to see how you find it.