I would be the fastest man on earth if running made me do this. So how?

A good female friend of mine recently discovered that performing an abdominal hold will cause her to orgasm. Yes I said orgasm. This is where you lift and hold your hips off the ground while lying flat facing the ground, supported by your toes and your forearms. She has since discovered that performing leg raises has the same effect. Well, I now know where her motivation for going to the gym comes from. I have asked around and know of no one else that has this wonderful ability. Anyone else know anyone? Does anyone know what might be the scientific cause behind this? Any ideas? Thanks

what??? that is UNFAIR. I have heard of stories like this before, but not from anyone who has had it happen consistently.
Beyond this… I am keeping my mouth shut :cool:

To stabilize the pelvis on hip thrust type activities, I know that muscles in the lower region of the pelvis are recruited to stabilize the hips when they lose contact with the ground. I guess if you were sensitive enough in that area the contractions could cause an orgasm but that’s not really a scientific explanation. I know that women often use kegels to strengthen and tighten that region after childbirth, which in turn increases sensitivity during “relations” and may cause more frequent or intense orgasms. Just a couple of thoughts…

So why would you be the fastest man if running made you do this? Wouldnt you be the horniest man :stuck_out_tongue: I knew a female workmate who claimed she would orgasm during heavy dumbbell chest presses. Hence it was a favourite exercise of hers :cool:


It was more an exaggeration of how much harder I would train if I could get this feeling ever time I did a special endurance workout. :slight_smile: If I could just orgasm instead of feeling sick from lactic acid build up, man you couldn’t keep me off the track. :cool:

It brings back memories of “Pumping Iron” where Arnolds describes his “pump” as like “being with a woman and coming”. :slight_smile:

But I would really like to know how and why this would happen. Especially for some and not others.

Well I don’t pertend to know the answer, but if I had to venture a guess, I would say that what Arnold means is that while performing very heavy lifting, some may produce a “Valsalva” maneuver (holding your breath during exertion) and cause less oxygen to travel to body and brain, getting that feeling of being faint or dizzy (sort of the same feeling you get when you orgasm, I suppose).

Also, women are really good at knowing their own bodies, I have heard that women can actually make themselves orgasm without any physical stimulation, they can just “think” of erotic fantasies and presto!

LIES!! plus, where would the fun be?

WOW, this is not new for me ( the only diference is that i´m male ).
Well, first, let me tell you something about my “land”,
here where a live is very common live in houses with orchard in backyard.
When i was a child ( between 8 to 12 years ) i used to get a “free orgasm” almost like his friend described.
Here is my “prescripition” from this wowowowoowowoo in detail,
“hold in a branch from a guava tree performing some push-ups…more push-ups you do, near the orgasm…after 30 to 40s you´ll feel orgasm coming…
to acelerate the process you could rising both knees and hold knees near chest for 10 to 15 seconds”
The interesting is that you don´t have to think about sex nor in a taste girl,
actually you don´t have to think in nothing nor eat a guava… just let your body feels.
The sensation is crazy but is wonderful too…diferent from any sexual relationship orgasm.
I know, it´s funny or crazy but is very real…
well, used to be when i was a kid…
And, hey, i´m normal !!! I´m serious !!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooo much info there!!!

I think Arnold just thought his pump was as good as coming. I don’t think he actualy got them from working out, but who knows?

I don’t know man…
I wouldn’t want to be training with you or even on the track while you’re shootin a load in my lane. :mad:

And maybe it’s me, but I wouldn’t be able to keep running if it did happen to me. I’d probably stop during the run, lay on the track and go to sleep. :wink:

you’re right. I guess I’d be so tierd as well . I would have about zero concentration!

Yes, Arnold meant it figuratively.