I want to lose weight

but gain muscle at the same time i was wondering whats the best way to lose 15-20 lbs in a 3 month period? I dont think playing football is an option anymore so i want to be as light as possible.

Blaze - I think you should probably put this thread up in the Nutrition section.

Sorry i didn’t know thank you tho but the reason i put it down here is because its not what i’m eating i’m trying to find out what workouts burn the most bodyfat

Sorry Blaze

How big are you?
What training to you do now?
Why can’t you play football anymore?

well i’m lifting 2 times a week and doin plyos once a week and i’m building up my base by doing endurance runs on tuesdays and thursdays and on mondays i do acceleration and maxV and on wednesdays i’m doing speed endurance

i’m 160
in previous post
Because a coach told me that i do alot of fundamental things wrong and it’d be a better use of my time to do track plus he says it seems like i get injured alot when i dont but i don’t like football much anyway.

Why don’t you just concentrate on a basic CFTS template and eat ‘properly’? At the end of the day diet is going to make the biggest difference.

Personally I am not a fan of special fat loss weight programs, IMHO the aim of any weight program is to gain/maintain LBM especially while dieting. 160 -20 = 140 :eek: How tall are you?

There is no magic bullet.
Tidy Diet up and you’ll drop weight very fast.

My general tips starting would be

  1. Clean Up Diet - eat less junk - stick at this for 2 weeks
  2. Organise Training Program - ensure Trg is best for sport (Do not train for weight loss - this will come quickly if the training and diet are good)
  3. Dial in PWO Nutrition - make sure this is correct - but only after 2 weeks of a clean diet
  4. Revise diet and make sure Protein and Fat levels are high enough make sure you’re getting enough Carbs to lose fat also

After this we would start getting into more specifics…

Ok for 2 weeks i’ll drink nothing but water and wont eat any junk food while keeping my same training and i’m 5’11"

you’re 5’11" that weigh 160lbs want to get it down to 140-145lbs? Am I missing something? :confused: :confused:

I’m 5’9" and I’m 165 pounds, sure I don’t have like 5% body fat or shit but you don’t need to be losing any weight. At your size I wouldn’t aim to lose weight but rather continue on with your training, if weight loss comes, it comes, if weight gain comes, it comes.

idk if this helps any…

last year i weighed 310 lbs coming into fall camp, after done with fall camp i was around 310. In the off-season i lost 40lbs (down to 270) got stronger and a hell of a lot quicker and felt better, here is what i did:

6am practice
eat a small snack after (granola bar etc.) to get metabolism
drank AT LEAST one nalgene bottle of water before class
drank more water through the day
took a hour nap
30mins cardio
2months-40lbs and got stronger

RE going up to 190.

Do you want to loose weight or gain weight? Or are there 2 people named Blaze on the forum?

i made this topic after i knew i wont gon do football anymore

160 at 5’11" is not bad at all. Hell, I’m 6’0" 152lbs and I’m trying to gain. You should focus on your training and getting faster, stronger, and having a sound nutrition program and you’ll soon fall/rise to your optimal weight. For a sophomore your times arent bad at all so stop griping and get your ass out to the track.

I’m scared i wont reach my goals cuase i had a freind timing me with a stop watch and they were garbage times

maybe you shouldnt set your goals so high… just focus on improving and the drop in times will follow… Be patient. Just because your times aren’t as good as you want them to be now doesn’t mean you should be negative about it. Know what I mean? Just work hard at it.

Don’t pay attention to stop watches, according to my Gym teacher I ran an 11.1 without spikes when I was 13, the times are probably way off.