I need some knowledgeable help!!!!!

Hey there guys, I need some help!!!
Im about 6 foot and weigh about 79 kilos and have a standing vert with no steps of 83 cm and a vert on the run at just over 100cm.

However, im very weak and need to get a lot stronger!!! I can only bench about 80 kilos max 1 rep and squat about 100 kgs for a couple reps
I plan to do sprints 2 times a week and do agility and endurance work 2 times a week also and it is a great conditioning program and am not worried about that at all. (Adapted form the University of Oklahoma state football program.

However, the weight work is my concern!!!
I need more strength to weight ratio, and have finally realized that im an ectomorphic how finds it hard to gain mass, and strength.

Im not sure the type of split to do, whether a 3 x a week routine similar to Bill starr, or do a push/pull split.
Or even do a upper/lower split. ??? (this is where I need help)

Im only concerned with the basics in terms of squats, benches, militaries, snatch grip deads, hangs cleans, split squats, heaps of ab work!!! Needs to be functional gains.

I want to build myself up with a body similar to a wide receiver/running back/ track sprinter. (strength and speed/power and ripped to shreds with a HUGER vertical.) Hope it can be done.

Just not sure of the volume of weight work to do in conjunction with the conditioning program.???

Sorry for the long post.