I need help with SPP

Hello everyone , I´m doing my GPP following CF approach (in the GPP dvd) combined with some help gived from some of the members in that forum (thanks to all of you :slight_smile: )

by now I´m tying to design my SPP 1 speedwork , I´ve read CFTS and watched the GPP dvd but still I need some idea to make the periodization of the track work , that is on How to manage distances , intensities , total volume of track work (because I´m 1 year low experienced track athlete) , use of some stuff and work to increase resistance (like the accelerations with partner+rope)…

Any idea or sample progression would be appreciated :slight_smile: please help me cause I´m a little “brainburned” :smiley:

Lot of thanks in advance

Caballo, there is an ideal dvd for you. its called the Vancouver 2004 DVD. it has all your SPP answers for what ever event you need. well, majority of your answers. ONce you buy that, you also get a download for graphs that are in the presentation, that will help you very nicely.

Ye I know about that dvd and I hope I would get it soon , but the fact is that I ´m waiting till I get some extra cash :smiley: (you know lot of bills to pay man!!! :stuck_out_tongue: )

One question , It´s possible to get a “translated to spanish” version of the DVD? :confused:
It´s relatively easy to me to read English but it´s a bit more difficult to hear English (I hope I could fix that soon :smiley: )

Hi Cabbalo, there are quite a few helpful threads which cover the work done in the SPP. If you have a search around for SPP, speed endurance, rolling starts etc some of the guys have posted good examples of programmes which have initiated debate.

Good luck

just seen on tv. PSP now has disks that have foreign languages convertered to your own language! voice activated.
the vancourver DVD will be mighty hard for you without a translater, its all talk, no action.
there is lots to cover, perhaps look up Training journals for people that are following charlies SPP programs. I have only realy just started my SPP, so it wont tell you too much.

Thanks once more , well I will try to search somethig but if someone would add something at this post it coul be great :smiley:

Hi Caballo, I havn’t found out how to insert links to threads yet but I can give you a few that I found helpful. Hope these help:

First time speed endurance

Sprint Periodisation

Longer Sprints

Lactate Threshold Training

Italian Sprint Training

Thanks a lot Phil , I´m gonna take a look just right now :slight_smile:

basics of spp1

mon - speed enduracne
tue - tempo
wed - speed
thur - tempo
fri - speed enduracne
sat - tempo
sun - off