I need help with speed endurance/special endurance

Hello everyone I´ve got some questions about that parts of the training , here I go :

-when I should use them? (during GPP,SPP1 or SPP2)

-should I perfome that kind of training on the track with spikes and blocks?

-a few days ago I´ve tried to do 400 meter at near of my max , the result was very sad for me :frowning: , my heels were touching the grass at the final 100 meter.Should I get the technique constant during all the effort?

Well that´s all :o Ihope you could help me so a lot of thanks in advance.Be with god!!!

Fast stuff 95%+ on the track with spikes.

Only run out of blocks over 30m or so in training.

Perform longer special endurance runs from a standing start.

technique: everything should be fluid even when you are trying to run as fast as you can.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your help you have clear my mind for true!!! :slight_smile:

But what´s about the first question?When I should use them?in GPP? or SPP?

If you’re doing a short to long program, you can start in SPP1 but emphasize it more in SPP2. GPP is more focused on acceleration – medball work, hills, short sprints from push up position, etc., along with general conditioning (tempo) every other day.