I Need Help With Planning My First Competition

Hello everyone!!!
After a little of thinking finally I´ve decided make my first competition at the end of January.

The fact is that I´m a little bit older :o and have a very little experience in speed training :frowning: but thanks to Lord I have a precious gift for speed and I hope I could make a good meet (I hope I will not ridiculize myself at least :o )

That´s why I´m training a lot everyday,learning as fast as I can trough all the concepts , technicals , exercises and terms related to speed training.

By other side I´m having to learn in a foreing language for me , and this is so so so hard (but hey I´m making good improves in my English speaking :slight_smile: )

After a few of tries finally I get the CFTS and all I can say is that it is a really very good book in wich I´m getting lot of support.The next season I would like start to train with some of the dvd´s at least but for now I have to be happy only with the book and the help of that forum.

I would thank you a lot if you could help me to resolve some doubts with the book and give to me all the advices you can to help me at my first competition (i.e. could you explain to me the way the fourth week (recovery week) gonna be in each microcycle of 4 weeks)

A lot of thanks in advance!!! Be with God!!! :slight_smile:

Don’t expect too much from the first competition you need a few races to really tune up. Think of it as a progress test on your roadmap towards the major race of your season.

could someone tell me the way I should manage the recovery week after the 3 weeks microcycle?