I need help, COLLEGE SCHLORSHIPS on the line!!

Last year as a sophmore in HS I ran a 10.87 f.a.t. and a 22.16 f.a.t. in the 100m and 200m dashes. I attracted the attention of numerous d-1 schools with my times and won the West Virginia state championship in the 100m and 200m dashes. However, this season I pulled my hamstring in the opening meet of the year and didn’t recover until right before the state track meet. My best times of the year were in the regional qualifying meet, I posted times of 10.99 f.a.t. in the 100 and 22.39 f.a.t. in the 200. Then in the state prelims I pulled my hamstring again…what I need to know is how I can get back to where I was…I have looked across the forums and can’t seem to figure out how to put all this stuff together into a program…thats what I am asking for help. I am 5’10" and 164 lbs, 30 inch vertical leap and and pretty weak squatting right now since I have had these hamstring injuries. I have access to weights, parachutes, weight vest, track, weight room, jumpsoles with proprioceptors, hills, stairs, pretty much anything you can think of, I have also done a lot of training in my life so I just need a little guidence on how to put everything together to get ready for indoor and spring so none of my schlorship offers are taken away from me due to these hamstring injuries.

Thanks for the help. If further information is needed I will be happy to give it. Thanks again.

To better determine your requirements, contact Charlie directly at info@charliefrancis.com and we’ll take care of it.

Note: We dont support “help me” we’re lost posts. If you require help, we are available for hire.

Thank you


Don’t use jumpsoles, parachutes, weighted vests they may lead to injury.

Are you getting treatement for your hamstring?
Do you get regular massage?
Do you have a coach?

I agree it is difficult to pull all the info together. I have been reading the forums here for about a year and got all CF.com products and only now am I beginning to get a real feel for how it all works.

People here can’t really “help you” to solve such a complex problem through the forums alone, though we can help with specific questions such as “how much creatine sould i take” etc.

If you want to be told what to do then CF.com consultancy is probably the way to go. See above. Otherwise it will take you time and money to work it out yourself by which time your scholoship might be gone.

I hope it works out for you.


With times like that, and D1 offers, i would think that you would have a coach, does he/she not konw what to do? It may be easier for him/her to help you out, then the people on the forum, just b/c they have worked with you all along and know what is exactly wrong.

High school coaches won’t do a god damn thing for anyone.

Don’t lump all high school coaches into one group-maybe in your personal experience things were negative but it’s not that way for everyone. There are a number of high school coaches who go as far as to help connect their athletes with college coaches for scholarships or at least the opportunity to continue competing at the collegiate level. Some do everything they can to provide the best training program, facilities, equipment, and competition so the athletes gets the best out of themselves. Sure some are substandard but some are also outstanding-just like a sampling of any population. I was one, and I did not treat it as a babysitting job. I, like many others I knew, took it very seriously despite the ridiculously low pay. Others, not so seriously.

Sorry that was offensive…

No problem, some have also had similar experiences to yours-i.e. poor, uncaring coaches.