I just noticed after buying a minidv

that I achieve triple extiension a little early it seems. I’ll try to explain…
Most sprinters who are reasonably fast achieve triple extension and their leg is well behind them. When I do it, my leg is in more of a vertical position, and after that it starts to bend at the knee. I’m wondering if i’m lacking flexibilty or range of motion in my hip flexors, or if it’s something else.

To be fair this was practice and I was running 30’s. I don’t think I was going as fast as I could go. And I was sorta favoring my left hamstring cuz it’s kinda injury prone. And that day in particular felt like I was gonna blow a gasket. I’ve yet to film myself really running “fast” so maybe i’ll notice a difference then. But this kinda bothers me, cuz this is really the 1st time i’ve ever seen myself run.

I don’t have any stats as far as times go, but I train, trained, or trained with a couple of elite, fast runners, whatever you wanna call em. Between 45 & 46 in the 400m. 20xx in the 200, and a couple sub 13.7 hurdlers. And I whoop on em pretty regularly in practice.(hope they’re not readin this) So I guess i’m pretty fast. But I need to fix this so that it doesn’t become a bigger problem.