I have the time for 2 training sessions a day

I’m really enjoying myself at the stadium and would like do do an extra morning training session…
tomorrow at about 5pm ill do accels, I also want to go at 10AM, what should I do then ? some free runs, stretching, mobility and go to sleep for 2 hours ? can I do anything in the morning that will make 5pm’s session more effective ?

Maybe a light warmup, but I would just focus on the 5pm if I were you. I always feel like that when I’m powerlifting, but the timeat I’ve tried it it’s just hampered my later workouts.

If you end up doing anything, make it pretty low intensity in comparison. Perhaps some light tempo, the stretching you suggested would be a solid use of time too.

Yeah, I’m with Renegade on this one. If you try to do too much, you’ll just tire yourself out. Your training is going well right now, so it would be best not to change things too much.

Go to the track, jog around a bit, do some dynamic stretching, go home, make yourself a sandwich, and take a nap. That should do it.

HEHE sandwich :slight_smile:
OK thanks ! I’ll just sit at home and visualize instead.

If you are right by a facility, an am session can help the pm session. Keep it brief and easy though.

A good amount of coaches overestimate the value of double sessions over here…
I still don’t get it how this one team survives since September with doubles Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. With weights on the double days (making them triples, really…) and plyos Wednesdays and Saturdays.
And they keep going… :confused:

I used to like to do an am warm-up and then go back to bed in the old days. it made warming up so much easier in the aft, but i kept it very short and easy- just enough to get the blood going.