Hyperbaric Chamber

How do these work? I have seen articles about TO using them, and all week have been mentioning how TO has been sleeping in it. I know that it is supposed to speed up the healing process, but how does this actually work in doing so?

WRCortese5, a hyperbaric chamber delivers 100% oxygen with an increase in gas pressure within the chamber. There are different therapuetic uses for the HC. For TO’s purposes he uses the HC for a decrease in swelling through constriction of blood vessels. Decreased swelling means early and easier ROM. Also, with the extra oxygen carried to injured tissue aids in a faster healing process.

TO’s faith, belief in his abilities, high self esteem, good therapy and the HC got him back on the field.

Read the part 2 interview with Poliquin on T-mag. CP reports getting bit on the ass by a brown recluse spider and used a HC to aid in the healing.


Interesting… Thanks for the info.

who is TO?

terrell owens, eagles’ wr

How much did Poliquin charge the Brown Recluse for the visit? (kidding)
Hyperbaric Chambers can be particularly beneficial for healing of tissue that is poorly supplied with blood, such as tendon areas. there is a wide range of chambers, from commercially available chambers, sold in Texas, I believe, to the big units in hospitals, like the one Donovan Bailey used, that can deliver much more pressure (and you’ll need to deliver some big-time pressure on you local hospital to get in one!)