Hyper complex in-season

Hey all,
Should the complex of hypers and reverse hypers as shown in the GPP dvd be performed in season?

If yes, what is the ideal load, volume and frequency to use?

I’m cautious not to overload my hams in-season with too much specific work, which could lead to injury. On the flip side I don’t want to lose the large strength gains I made in the hams during the off-season, which could also lead to injury.

Any recommendations on what works well would be great.


The partner resisted reverse hyper, bodyweight or slightly overloaded hyper, and slightly overloaded hyper + row may be performed throughout and with relatively high frequency throughout the week so long as the volume is low during each individual training session (ergo 1-2 sets)

Where you must be more careful is when you are performing the hyper and hyper + row with greater overload.

There are no absolute recommendations as everyone’s tolerance to stress is different. I suggest you start with a few sets of hypers or partner reverse hypers on your tempo days and go from there.

While my guys are American footballers (skill positions), during training camps and the game season, we’ll perform the hyper + row on our training days with 40kg to 60kg; leaving RDLs to January and early summer when there’s essentially no SPP to account for and my skill guys have a very low instance of hamstring issues.

During the ‘off-seasons’ we’ll perform the weighted hyper + row twice a week on CNS intensive days and bodyweight hypers or partner reverse hypers twice a week on our extensive training days;

In truth, the occurrence of hamstring issues is almost non-existent from Jan- mid March, and May, June, July.

During training camps the monstrous overload, void of accumulation, presents a great challenge and despite my greatest efforts in adjusting the physical preparation load, and performing a great deal of ‘quasi massage’ work on as many guys as I can, there’s typically 1-3 hamstring issues that arise every year.

It’s a shame that message specialists are not standard amongst NCAA support staffs.

Thanks for the detailed reply.
So for hamstring maintainance in-season how does this look:

cleans: 4 sets of 3-4 reps
Squat: 3 sets of 3 reps

Hyper: 1x10 (bodyweight)
Rev hyper: 1x10 (partner resisted)
Hyper+Row 1x10 (20kg barbell)

Same hamstring routine minus the squats and cleans.

Since it’s new to you, and in order to minimize/eliminate adaptation stiffness, I’d suggest that you go more conservative (RE what I recommended) and perform the BW hyper and partner rev hyper on Day 2.

Since you’re starting with the 20kg barbell on the hyper + row I’d keep that on day 1 after the clean and squat and gradually increase the load as you see fit/tolerance.

Done in this fashion you’ll keep the day 2 hamstring work unloaded which will serve a similar function as any tempo that you might do with respect to flushing/active recovery from the previous day’s work.

Will do. Thanks a lot