Husker Power

I got some of you guys opinions on the BFS program now i’d like to know what your thoughts are on the Husker Power program? I just ordered there Strength Training for Wrestling manual off there site so hopefully it’as pretty good.

i havent done a husker power program since highschool at that time it really work well

Never heard of it?? What is it?

It’s the strength and conditioning program for the university of nebraska

Could you then give a run down on how it works, what are there principles, how its structed, what recoverys required, sets, reps, exerciese and the like ect ect?? is there website…they have a free workout there…although it’s just a workout for beginners. But anyways they have a 4week Base phase where the goal is to develop lean muscle mass,improve work capacity, and break the explosive lifts down and work technique. Then the next 4 week phase is called the developmental phase where the aim is to increase max strength plyo’s and stuff are added the last two weeks. Finally they have a 4 week peak phase where the goal is to develop max power and more running work is added to at that time. They use a split routine. You lift 4 days a week.

sorry to tell you thats not what they do now and what u have is very old and outdated, dave kennedy who use to be at osu and pitts is there sc. his lower body days are something like this:

hang clean heavy
bsq heavy
power shrug heavy
lat and bic work

hang clean light/fast
lunges 3x5x315 heavy
power shrug light/fast
lat and bic work

Westside Wrestler,

I have no idea how the wrestling manual would compare to the football team’s regime, but the “old school” Husker Power scheme seems to be a standard linear periodization set-up, with focus on compound lifts, both Olympic and non-Olympic.

I think that if followed you would find that your strength levels would increase, but having seen the amount of work they do in at least the “developmental phase” of the football training, you may want to eliminate some of the volume that I seem to remember exists. I am no wrestler, but remember to focus on what is most important to your success as a wrestler.

Not sure if that helps, but just my two cents…

What do there upper body days look like now?

Point well taken…i’m just so confused right now as to what lifting program i should do. After reading about BFS i’m not sure thats the answer and i ordered the wrestling manual from so im anxious to see what it looks like…any suggestions?

I understand about being confused. I am certainly not an authority in the strength field, but I have read, questioned, observed, and attempted, quite a bit for a 27-year old, and I feel at times like I am more confused now than ever.

As for suggestions about your weight training, I think specifics need to be addressed first. Again, I have little experience with wrestling, but questions like the following should be answered:

In which weight class do you repeat?

Do you plan on staying in that weight class?

What are your strengths now, i.e. speed, strength, technical skill, et cetera?

Likewise, what are your weaknesses?

I think any “program” that you like, or enjoy doing, could be adapted to the specifics of wrestling. It just depends on your needs and desires.

I know that is not really an answer, but hopefully it gets you thinking about where you are and where you want/need to be.

Great program, i would reccomend it for high school aged athletes with minimal experience to intermediate experrience. I beleive that its good to a point but you need an actual coach to get you though, to progress you. To teach you proper technique and why you do certain things. Otherwise your career might be compromised…

My opinion