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Does the Glute-Ham-Hambone-Hamstring Raise Apply?
Sorry, I just cant let it die!:stuck_out_tongue:

Question: if you had an iraqi soldier with a machine gun pointed at you, how fast do u reckon you would run 100 metres?

Are you trying to run out of his machine gun’s firing distance (not possible) or does he just want you to run 9.79 or get shot.

If the latter, I would explain that to achieve such a world class top velocity, it is necessary to perform extensive warming up. Then I’d kindly ask him to help me stretch my hip flexors and while his hands are busy I’d kick him in the groin and take his firearm.

Originally posted by DWatling

Question: if you had an iraqi soldier with a machine gun pointed at you, how fast do u reckon you would run 100 metres?

You don’t because the soldier will deny that any machine gun exists.

I think the clown of the day award goes to George Dubya

“I was in the pool! I was in the pool!”
-George from Seinfeld-

Anyone? Anyone? Am I the only one that finds this funny? Nobody made any comments last time.:o

is that an excuse you use yourself herb?


I think the trick is - it should be a serious thread, then all the joke and humour come.

We don’t want to try to hard to be funny.

I’ve been told Seinfield is funny - never really seen it. But the goodies and monty pyton is :slight_smile:

has anyone else ever wondered about non dairy creamer? it’s not dairy. but it’s creamer. what exactly is it?

The Iraqi soldier will be smart bombed from many miles away with the use of infared vision. Yeah, I know, not much humor in this, just a highly probable occurence(sp?).

Okay, here’s one for Dlive11. What did the “guy with the hair” say to Charlie?

Pioneer, here is the answer in quotes.
" ". and oh yea, " ".

Rupert, after discussing this with Pioneer, I think we should make all forum members start all threads with
“Whatchu Know Bout”
For example, “Whatchuknowbout-Speed Endurance?” A highly novice “coach” we know starts every conversation this way and damn it is impressive!

I know a coach who when ask a question starts the answer with

I believe and it is my understanding correct me if I’m wrong but I doubt it

with the words I’m full of it - this is by the persons athletes.

So Whatcu Know Bout is pretty good, especially if said with a straight face. :slight_smile:


Pioneer, whatchu know bout blocks? That would be a great story to tell members!

Bingo - Dlive

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Is that funny enough Rupert :smiley:

When a coach, or anyone for that matter, starts out with some type of run on question like whachuknowbout… I know that I better be able to cite research and all sorts of references to back up my opinions because that guy is obviously on top of his game. If anyone hears such a conversation starter as this in the future, you best prepare yourself for a vigorous and highly academic debate on things like downloading music and (special:baddevil::)movies on Kazaa(file sharing program) while his athletes(see victims) are attempting to complete another one of his “scientifically based” and not a I just thought this crap up workout which of course is what it really is-unfortunately or maybe it is not, this great “coach”(this guy is a coach in much the same way that Mussolini was a well known and highly respected HUMANITARIAN)is not present to witness the catastrophe of a practice he has so carefully designed for his eager charges. Such a workout would include strength training staples such as hammer cleans, hammer calf raises, hammer and nails, hammer the nails into your athletic coffin and of course the world famous glute ham hammer hamstring hampull mc hammer mike hammer hammurabai(sic.) hamstring raises. If one of these athlete/victims could possibly survive one of these cutting(your throat) edge workouts they won’t be very successful in their given sport but they will have proven to be mighty durable resilient and that should count for something I believe. Anyway, I don’t want to ramble:Pso I am going to leave it to Dlive to explain the story 'bout Whachuknowboutblocks? Afterall, he was there to witness this distaster firsthand. Dlive, whatsup?:help:

Herb, Regarding “I was in the pool”…I get the same effect standing in front of the fridge.

Blonde Humor: 3 mothers are talking when the brunette’s mother says she found cigarettes in her daughter’s room: “I can’t believe she smokes.” The redhead’s mother says she found whiskey in HER gaughter’s room:
“I can’t believe she drinks.” The blonde mother says: “I found condoms in my daughter’s room…I can’t believe she has a penis.”

I think your explanation is dead on. Whatchuknowbout this man is incredible. This “coach” is so past our current knowledge, he is able to unlock training codes off of songs downloaded off the internet. After just 6 months of “downloading research” he has managed to discover 1500 songs, (all of which I dont know nothin about). Ok, so here is the block story.
Once upon a time, a sprint coach was discussing blocks to his new athletes. Then, a magical entity called the Saint flew down from Hammer Heaven, and said “Whatchuknowbout-Blocks?” He then showed all of the sprinters what he didnt know. He got down into his position, exploded out (kind of like when you have osmotic diahrea) and fell onto his face. Then got up and blamed it on his pants, which were too baggy to sprint in. It was an awesome display of something, I just dont know yet! After all that, he still said, “You dont know nothin about that kind of explosion”. It was a day for all mankind. Long Live the Saint!!!

Originally posted by misguided
has anyone else ever wondered about non dairy creamer? it’s not dairy. but it’s creamer. what exactly is it?

how about egg-plant? is it an egg, or a plant? or how about garbonzo beans… it has the same first 4 letters as garbage.