HS Short Sprinter's Training Journal

I think you could still try the 3x a week, I have just seen a lot of people not handle it well and I think it can be tough to handle. You could always switch to a 2x a week if 3x proves too intense.

I would not necessarily recommend this to you, but here is what I did:

Monday–Speed + lower weights
Tuesday–Warm-up + Tempo (moved to doing general strength/medball work once weather turned poor) + Upper weights
Wednesday–Very easy/off (Warm-up/GS or Pool)
Thursday–Acceleration work + Split Runs/SE + lower weights
Friday–Warm-up + Tempo + Upper Weights
Saturday–Very easy or off

I was only able to run one 60m race and I ran a huge PB under bad circumstances (long travel, no sleep, stumble, etc.). I dropped over 3 tenths off my 60m even though this was just my opener (and only race)–I went 6.9fat…

The plan you proposed could work well and I have heard of people doing it with great success, one of whom is a coach on this forum.

I would just take more rest than you think you need. Without somebody watching your workouts, less experience, and not a lot of therapy, it is always a better idea to do a bit less than you think you COULD do.

yes this is definitely an area i could improve on. i have decided that i will go with 2x per week in SPP for several reasons. im going to plan out a rough draft of my spp probably sometime in the next week and post it so any feedback is appreciated.

i still have 4wks left in gpp my highest weekly volume is 1120m/week but its on grass. do you think i should continue with my gpp as planned and then just switch over to spp 2x on the track?

thanks for the help, you have almost single handedly switched. me from being 100% sure of doing 3x per week to being 99% sure of 2x per week.

if you followed a program similar to cf"s what types of volume did you do on speed vs SE days?

I did 3x a week in GPP and switched to 2x a week in SPP that year.

If I could switch some things about what I did then, it would be to lower the volume of the speed days, which was excessive.

Here are a few workouts:

Day 1 of SPP:
Full Warm-up
-2×30m Standing
-2×30m 3-Point
-2×3x 20m Easy, 20m Fast, 20m Easy
Plyos: 4×8 Hurdle Hops
-Powercleans 4×2 @ 220lbs Rest: <2mins
-Full Squats 3×6 @ 305, 305, 295 Rest: 3mins
-Back Hypers 2×12 @ BW + 35lbs

SPP Week 3, Thursday (2nd HI day):
Full Warm-up
-2×30m Standing
-2×30m 3-point
-3×3x55m Split Runs (Accel 20m+maintain) Rest: 2mins/7mins
Plyos: 3×10+10 Single Leg Hops
-Powercleans 4×2 @ 230lbs
-Squats 3×4 @ 340lbs, 340lbs, 320lbs
Strength Endurance: Running As 6×30m

SPP Week 5
Full Warm-up
-1×30m Standing
-4×30m 3-pt
-5x [30m run-up, 15m fly]
-2×20 Pogo Hops
-3×10+10 Single leg hops
-Powercleans 5×2 @ 220lbs
-Squats 3×4 @ 335/335/325

Week 5 Thursday:
Full Warm-up
-1×30m Standing
-3×30m 3pt
-2×4x55m Split Runs (30m int. limit) Rest: 3mins/6mins

Week 6
July 28

3x10m Push Up
3x20m Push Up
3x20m Stand
2x3x40m EFE

Weights + Plyos
Clean Pull 4x3 (last 2 sets @ 110%)
Squat 3x6
Double Stair Jump 2x5
RDL 2x10
abs- 200 reps

July 29

MB Throws
6x OHB
6x Squat Throws
6x 1 Hop
6x 2 Hop


“The Circuit” x1

Db Incline Press 3x6
Seated Row 3x8
Weight Circuit 1x10
abs- +300 reps

July 30

R: 3’, 6’

Weights + Plyos
Clean 4x3x75%
Squat 3x6
Double SLJ 2x5
Hyper 2x10
abs- 200 reps

Ok, so here is the first draft of my SPP, i posted it so people could give me feedback on my planning. All comments are welcome and appreciated, thanks.


i am assuming you mean you cant see it??? thats odd i can see it from my computer, ill try reposting it

is it visible this time?

Looks good, I wouldn’t add a third speed day at the end.

ok, i originally left it with 2 HI days the entire SPP but switched it at the last minute before i posted it, im gonna switch it back though. thanks for the input

I was looking through your journal and used it somewhat as a guide and learning tool since we followed coincidentally similar volumes during GPP but you stopped posting halfway through week 10 into your SPP (on page 5). if possible do you think you could send me the workouts you planned for the rest of your SPP? thanks, if not thats fine too.

Could have been because my spp was only 10 weeks, the last 3-4 weeks are nothing but 3-4x60 so if you don’t have time for a full 12 week spp it’s not a big deal.

oh, sorry, you said you followed modified cf gpp and spp graphs so i assumed you had 12 weeks, i noticed you reduced volume but i didnt realized that you shorten the phases as well

Yep. This year I will have a 7 week gpp and 11 week spp.

Mon/Fri: speed/lower weights
Wed: int tempo
Tue/Thur: ext tempo/upper weights

Mon/Thur: speed/weights
Tue/Fri: ext tempo 100-300m/aux weights

cool, i have been following your training journal and to me it seemed like a successful year, with the exception of racing weather conditions. good luck with the intensive tempo, im not a fan of it but thats probably cause i was forced to do it and it was a bit over the top (the program was structured around them instead of having it once a week like you). here are my two least favorite workouts, they are brutal.

6x200 R: 200m walk

4x(100+100+100) += 15 seconds rest and turnaround and rest between sets was 300m walk

My int tempo workouts will be btw 150-300m, 5-6 runs total and the rest will be 4-8mins.

4x200 rest 4mins


5x200 rest 4mins


6x200 rest 5mins

sounds good, but i think that looks more like what Charlie calls “controlled speed” in the intensive tempo thread you started. but its really just a name, in the end it doesnt matter what you call it. thats more of something i wouldnt mind doing, my coach was just giving us ridiculous amounts of volume and not enough rest to the point where it was just impossible to hit the pace even with 100% effort

July 31

Bike Tempo
2x10x(40" on/20" off)

DB Military Press 3x6
Chin Up 2x10
Weight Circuit 2x10
abs- 300 reps

It was raining today so i had to drop the MB accels.This is the second week in a row that i have missed doing them, so tomorrow i am going to incorporate a few MB accels into my warm up.

Saturday August 1

Med Ball Accelerations
3x Squat Throw

3x10m Flat
3x10m Push Up
2x20m Stand
3x40m EFE
3x40m FEF
1x40m (20+m)

Weights + Plyos
Clean 3x2x85%, 3x1x90%
Squat 3x6
Double Stair Jump 2x5
RDL 2x10
abs- 200 reps