HS Short Sprinter's Training Journal

May 5

Team Mile

Running 4x1 and 200m tomorrow. Its supposed to be high 60s, low 70s…perfect.

May 6

200m - 24.6

Meet weather wasn’t perfect at all. It cooled off and I brought no warm clothes and then it was extremely windy. Wasn’t the best conditions to run a good time but I managed to PR just from lack of enough running 200m races. Also relative to my team mates I was satisfied with my performance.

May 7

3x330m @ 56,60,59 R: 450m Walk

May 10

Team Mile
Hand offs

May 11

100m- 12.1

I got 3 meets left. I am running the 200 and 4x1 this Saturday at the class meet. I am running I think the 100 and 4x1 at the League meet next Thursday and Ill be running 4x1 and hopefully another event (if I can hit the qualifying time, I’m close and with good conditions, I think I can do it) at the District meet.

May 12

Light Jogging
Static Stretching

May 13

240m, 140m, 40m @ 37,20,6
R: Walk Rest of Lap

10 x 10m Blocks

May 14

Team Mile

May 15- Class Meet

200m - 24.53
4x100m - 45.83 (11.4)

The 200 was good enough to qualify me for the district meet so I may have another chance to run it.

May 17

300m, 200m, 100m @ 44, 29, NT

May 18

Hand offs
Blocks Technique

May 19
Team Mile
Hand offs

Leagues is tomorrow, I am running the 4x1 and 100m, i just realized that the track is only 6 lanes so there will be only 6 finalists in the 100 instead of 8, which kinda sucks and will make it much harder for me to make the finals. The track sucks but my goal is to better my PR of 12.22 from last year, and hopefully by more than just a few hundredths.

May 20

League Meet
100m - 11.88
4x100m- 46.60 (10.7)

I ran a huge PR in the 100 and missed the finals by one spot, haha what do ya know… The 4x1 had a last minute replacement due to a calf cramp and it was lacking one person before then that usually runs it but nonetheless I ran well which is good. One last race this year, right now its the 100 and 4x1 but i have till tomorrow to switch to a 200 if i change my mind.

holy crap, a 10.7? how much is a flying start suppose to help?

haha i had 3 different people time my split as 10.6/10.7 so it seems reliable but its a relay split so theoretically i could run between 80m and 120m depending on where I get the baton, I dont know but my handoffs were mid zone but just cause of the time ill say I ran 95m with the baton. Id say a flying start helps about .5-1 second

for some reason i always thought it was a .3 drop, but now looking at some times .5-1 sec seems much closer

May 24

150m, 50m, 150m, 50m, 100m @ 85-90%

May 25

300m, 200m, 100m @ 41, 26, 12

abs- 240 reps

I think the plan for the rest of the week is:
W- jogging
T- blocks
F- hand offs
S- Race

That’s pretty common; sounds about right based on your 100m time.

May 26


Today was very light just 4 hand offs and i was receiving all of them so not much running but the past few days have been very hot and it takes its toll, I needed this lighter day.

May 27

150m, 100m, 100m, 50m @ 85-90%
Blocks - 2x15m
Hand offs

May 28

Team Mile

May 29
100m - 12.35
4x100 - 46.30

I wasn’t surprised at all by this time. Overall the times were slow for everybody. I bit of a drizzle, cool weather and a head wind are never good but also I was just sore and tight. I needed more rest this week but like I don’t have a say on what we do at practice so I feel like we were over worked. Low Volume but everyday was semi fast. My coach tapers down in volume but I don’t think he understands that intensity is much more stressful, so no real true recovery days this week left me feeling not so fresh and ready to run for the meet.
I might write a review of my season and training later as this was my last track meet of the year and I won’t be running next year.

Why you not running next year?

I am going off to college and I decided I would rather not run. Its a combination of many things but mainly I don’t like doing workouts that I don’t feel will help, as I learned this year, so I would rather not waste my time. Also I don’t want to have the time commitment, but who knows, I might miss sprinting enough and I can always go back and run again, Im still young.