How would one use Charlie Francis System for Football

I am fairly new to this forum. How would one use Charlie Francis System and apply it to a yearly plan in American Football?

The search tool is probably your best bet right now. There are some threads about this. James Smith also wrote a manual for EFS on this subject as well.

Just search for Football and the Forum Review Ebook has a whole section on Football. Its availible from the store…

doesnt really talk alot about it - soory to say

Look for XLR8’s journal, he had some good stuff about football training.

That’s a pretty broad question. What position do you play? What kind of training do you do with the team? What is your background, how much training have you done previously, what are your lifts and times like? What are your strengths, weaknesses and goals? All of this stuff is relevant for putting together a CFTS program.

That said, generally, the plan will ideally involve doing high intensity days (sprints, plyos, weights) 2 or 3 times a week. In between each of these high intensity days, you will do tempo days (easy runs of <70% intensity) to help build (or keep) your base and facilitate recovery. You will have to balance your speed and strength development with team practices and the skills and agility training necessary for football.

All elements will be present throughout the training year, but the volume will vary. This is the real key to getting it right.


could you sub stair stepper for tempos if you couldnt make it to the track?

Sure, something is better than nothing. The idea is to get in some low intenisty movement to get the blood flowing and help recovery. Movement patterns that are closer to the movement probably provide more benefit, but I have done everything from pool workouts to rowing to stair steppers to cycling as tempo. See what works for you.

when training for the 40yd dash should you ever train over 40yds maybe 60’s are should the training only be 10-40 and flying 20’s with 20acc zone

Depends on your particular strengths and weaknesses. I general, I would probably do at least some runs out to at least 60.

If you need to work on your top speed so that you can keep accelerating through the entire 40 yards, then I would use some flying 10s and 20s with up to a 40 yard build up to help get a feel for running at top speed.

Easy - fast - easy and Fast - easy - fast runs (20/20/20 yards) are also good drills to do as they can help with late acceleration and relaxation.

When not training for the 40yd dash specifically, and just for on the field performance, do you still think max speed training is as important for football? or other team sports for that matter?

Points of view might be:

  1. It seems like the more you do the shorter stuff (0-30m), the more efficient you will become at it. Shorter work would also take less time, leave more CNS reserves for the sports high intensity SPP work, and leave more time for the low intensity SPP work.


  1. Max speed training does have the “ultimate plyometric” effect going for it. But, it will lead to longer workout times, taking away time from both low intensity and/or high intensity SPP training, and leave less CNS reserves for high intensity SPP training. Acceleration work is general specific but max speed would be even more general.

With those ideas in mind,

Do the positives of the “ultimate plyometric” effect outweigh these negatives?

Is not acc. work done in spikes on a track as much the “ult. plyo” to athletes who normally compete on grass in cleats or on a court in sneakers?

i really think 40-50-60yd sprints are better at develping top speed then flying 20. this is what i am currently doing, i am strongly thinking about putting in some longer sprints out to 60yd

mon: 10-20-40’s

thur: 10x10/flying 20-20

Again, I think this is highly dependent on the athlete and their particular needs. But without adding in top speed work at least once in a while, I think it likely that an athlete will reach a plateau that will be difficult to overcome without some top speed work.

I am 2 and 1/2 weeks away from a combine. XLR8, what do you recommend my next two weeks look like? I am currently in the middle of a ten day cycle, written by James Smith. What would you recommend for resting before the combine but not getting rusty? Thanks.

Depends also on size. Usually the bigger you are the shorter you train. For those who suit the work, the benefit of sprinting out towards max speed is developing more speed reserve (the difference between highest possible speed and actual playing speed. The bigger the differential the easier it is to maintain a given playing speed.

Not necessarily an answer.

But how would I apply any coaching system to a sport.

I would look at the major biomotor in the sport emphasise that in training, have the other elements in training but make them work for position/event/sport.

As a thrower I could never understand doing cardio or lots speed endurance work (the old linear periodisation system)

X mentions the position and Charlie mentions the size.

I would think about those two points work out what happens in a game and take it from there.

Oh by the way - personally I am more willing to help, but like the person to make an effort first. :slight_smile:

week of:
mon last speed day

tue light warmup

wed light warmup and maybe walk through

thur rest

fri rest

sat combine

makes sense, not sure about the speed reserve…??

what is the charlie francis training system?

CFTS… Go to the store, spend 16 dollars and read the CFTS E- Book. Your answers lie within.