How would flexibility improve my time?

I run a an high 11 in the 100m, in my 2nd season doing track (feels like 1st since I didnt take it serious last year and I got injured between then and now) and I am not flexible at all, I cant touch my toes when I stretch even after warming up. I cant stretch as far as anybody n my team. If I improve my stretching how fast do u think ill get?

good question, it has never been proven. But you still have coaches who tell athletes this everyday. So i guess the guys who can touch thier toes are running a little faster than you. LOL

Flexibility is very important.
–It allows your muscles to move freely and faster, and since they are not working against each other, they will use less energy.
–It helps with injury prevention which = more time training and competing.

More than worth the extra time spent gaining flexibility. It isn’t debatable. Elite athletes need to be flexible.

Its not about flexibilty having a direct effect on your performance. It may indirectly help you if you are an athlete whos lacks the range of motion needed to facilitate good sprinting technique. To judge this you may need a coach competent in analyzing your form.