How to warmup properly before a race

Lately for meets I have had trouble warming up before races and in my last meet it really came to a head when I could barely bend my knees because my hamstrings were soo tight. What should I do to warmup up and stretch properly so that I wont feel any tightness.

From my limited experience Cocca all I can tell you is that if I hit a sprint sesssion with hamstrings too sore to warm-up, then I know I’m not NEARLY recovered enough to sprint. I also know from experience that this is the point where you pull a hamstring no matter how well you warm it up.

I don’t think that your warm up is the major worry, however tell us what you do as a warm up and we can take it from there.

You should never be that tight especially after a warmup! As DMA said it’s probably not the warmup if your range of motion is that limited, it is likely extreme lack of flexibility, or possibly some sort of injury.

Well I changed my warmup and I was getting a lot more flexibility so I think maybe I wasn’t doing enough to warm up before my races.