How to train without getting burned out before track season?

Allright everyone this is my Junior year and if you go to schools in the states you know this year is the most important athletically and academically wise. Since I have been advised not to run CC how can I train for track without getting burned out. I can’t play any sports because none of them are after school except for CC. So here are my stats
Male,5’9,145, 400 meter runner best time 52. Can anyone put me on a good weight program and pre season running workout so I am in shape by track season? Thanks

this is a crucial year as you have stated. but there are a few things I would like to know.
have you ever lifted weights seriously before? have you ever done a pre season workout before? what state are you in and what is the fall and winter weather like? do you do any other events.

also, who advised you not to run cross country, at your age it probably isn’t determined if you are a 400-200 runner, or a 400-800 runner, many fall in one of those categories. CC can help a lot with a 400 meter runner, if there is some type of sprinting component added into your program. Shabach’s questions are important to answer also before you get much help.

arguably the best all-around track athlete in my state (Mass.) runs CC in the fall. she was a nat’l champ. in the pentathlon last year (also her junior year) and has been state champion in everything from the 55m hurdles to the 4x400. she might just be an abberration, but it seems to me that you could use CC or at least similar training just as a way to get in shape, in a general sense.

I have never lifted seriously ever . I have probably lifted on a 2 week routine and then just faded away. Umm I live in Texas and it is hot as hell in the summer 90’s-100+ and in the winter it it gets around the 40’s-and 60’s. I have never done a pre season workout. To tell you the truth I don’t believe I have ever been in good track shape. And I honestly believe that I could be one of the top 25 400 meter runners in the state with the proper nutrition and training so please help me out

lifting regularly is SO ESSENTIAL, IT WILL MAKE YOU FASTER. if you’re serious about being the best, ‘fading away’ is not an option… if you’re preparing for indoor now, you should be doing gpp and getting in shape, which probably doesn’t mean 400-specific workouts on a track.

Yes Krasnayafleur,

But the Real Deal was beat…with a time that would be dead last in any other track meet below the Baltimore Tolls.

She is is not of speed where she can do fall training like CC and not have it impair her performance. She is just a product of a medium fish in a barrell sized pond.

I suggest any athlete in MA stop by our Track for some education of GPP. Train hard, recovery well…win easy.

i take it you don’t mean my track… i don’t think i was aware of gpp as more than a general concept before reading these posts!

beaten though she may have been, Riel’s best time of the season bettered mine by 9/10’s, I can’t help but look at what she does to train and wonder if i’m missing something… :frowning:

add in a indoor track! Simple as that miss.

i guess we’ll find out…
at best, she had only 6/10ths on me in indoor

Nice post Clemson. Even though I’ve been out of it for a while, I still follow things in the paper. Riel is a great athlete and I’ve always believed that great athletes can flourish under many different training systems. I saw her coach at a post road race get together a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know him personally, but I would’ve had no problem saying he’d get an even better result if he dumped the mileage. Being more of a distance guy, I’m sure he’d have a very hard time eliminating it. To the greatest show, the importance of building a base in the fall can’t be overlooked. But don’t forget, your building a base specific to sprinting relatively short distances, not the 3000 meters. Your not missing out on anything by not running CC!

Oops! My comment about fall training was directed towards Krasnayafleur, not the greatest show.