How to train for multiple events(geared for sprints)

Charlie or other members,
I would like to hear your thoughts on how my son should train for the remainder of his college career.
History: Played four years as a free safety and did not red shirt, his football eligibility is up. His football coaches would not let him run track during the off season so he missed three years. He ran the indoor and outdoor season this year and did not do as well as he would have liked.
He is going to start training now for next years indoor and outdoor seasons. I am a high school strength coach and have trained him for many years. I need to make sure he is doing the correct things to get to the next level.
Stats: High school HJ 6’10",L J 23’3",60 M. 7.18, 100 M. 10.7,200 M. 22.5,Standing
L J 123", V J 40".
Stats this year: H J 6’5", L J 21’10.5", Triple Jump 44’5", 60 M. 7.3, 100 M. 11.26,
He also runs the third leg of the 4x100.
His coaches also want him to learn to throw the javelin.
His times are all electronic except the 200 M.
His strength levels at 6’0",195 pounds: Squat(parallel) 600, Bench Press 400, Deadlift 575, Hang Clean 365.

                Thanks for any help
                 Coach Allen