how to stay low?

when come up fom the blocks I have a tendenacy to get upright to fast and it hurts me down the stretch when going to max velocity. how can I help solve this problem?


need 4 speed

Look down at the track when coming out of the blocks. Make sure your front block is behind your hip. Or you might just be lacking strength…

Ill try to do that…

I might be lacking strenght where? quads? back? hamstrings? arms?

Lower and Upper body. Try doing hill work in your GPP. Charlie advocates Hill work in the GPP as a method of improving acceleration skills
ie if the athlete does not have the strength to run with a low body angle to the surface they are running on then alter the ngle of the running surface to give the same effect.

Also, you should try some lie starts too

If you want to see video examples of the techniques, you can find them on the GPP DVD.

where can I get the GPP?

check the “store” on this site

you’ll find the GPP DVD very helpful for what you need right now and without much thinking about what exactly you are doing…

good luck!

I think you basically need to do the sessions in the GPP DVD and slowly increase the distance you acclerate over. I think it will solve most of your problems.

The way Charlie describes it is very logical. His system is basically progressive overload for acceleration, where you lay the foundations and build up from there.

First you start with getting used to staying low and accelerating to 10m, then 20m then 30m etc… before you know it you are running 60m accelerating right through (well as good as your training status allows). You can’t help but get better and it takes almost no actual mental effort on your part (always a bonus :smiley: )