How to start w/out blocks?

I will be running 100m sprint at our school athletic carnival, the start is not off the blocks though, what’s the best way to start? 3point? 4point? anyone got some pictures detailing the start off the ground

ed 3point would be the best only if you are accustomed to using blocks.its basically the same position while in set position but with one arm off the ground.

I think four point on the ground might be the best if you haven’t done much 3 point work because then balance could be a problem. Also, is it an all-weather track?

Are you allowed sprint spikes? If not then a 2 point would be better as the 3 and 4 may cause slippage due to departure angles.

I like 4 point, because you can start with the lenghts between start line and the 1st feet & 2nd feet just like within blocks.

Some pre-tensioning may be required to counter the negative load effect of 3-point starts w/o the Moye.

we would probably be allowed, but really i dont have special shoes for sprinting, infact this is my first sprint in any kind of ‘competition’, before I have only been reading on sprinting technique and weight training from a kind of ‘future ambitious coach’ kind of point of view. The track is just a track painted onto a grass oval (watches you all throw up) so yeh, its not at all the kind of standard you guys would expect
Thanks for the input, looks like 4point is the way to go, how should the arm drive go with this, and I should have dominent leg infront/behind?

I want to go with herb on this one and say a standing start (2 point stance) would be best without spikes and on grass. You will definitely slip with a 3 or 4 point stance. I know I used to get beat (by people who should never beat me lol) when I went into a 3/4 point stance in trainers when someone else just stood if it was such a short race.

what do you guys think about running with spikes on a track without blocks and from a standing start, or will i be better off with just some normal running shoes?

hmm looks like i read herb’s post wrong, i thought he meant if no spikes - 3 point start, hmm, I will test the surface on the day i suppose to see if I’ll slip

if its grass like I think it is just wear regular shoes and run fast and have fun :slight_smile: and win!

Speaking of standing-starts, I never could run relaxed with such a start until I started flicking my left hand out, just like when in the blocks. That first movement really makes the difference.

I’ve also noticed this since I started doing standing starts instead of low starts 2 weeks ago and comparing it to when I did standing starts earlier this year. Flicking the hand out really decompresses me and gets me going without tension, a major contrast compared to say 4 months ago when doing 80’s from a standing start, I wouldn’t be able to loosen up because I was pushing compressed the whole acceleration phase.