How to increase your speed and jump over 2 months?

I am 14 year old freshmen in high school running 11.86 in the 100m, 23.84 in the 200m and 22.8ft in the long jump.How do I increase my speed on the 100m by .20s and jump by 1ft?

If you ask general questions, you’ll get general answers: Sprint, jump, and lift weights.

Ask some more specific questions so everyone can help you and have a good Christmas.

What type of daily drills and exercises can I do that will help increase my speed?

You basically rephrased your last question. Again, “sprints, jumping, and weights.” Do some searching. There are tons of different training theories discussed on the board. Buy the forum review and CFTS on the main site.

For a single athlete to expect to make that kind’ve progress in that short of an amount of time with a limited knowledge of training is kind’ve silly. Why is 2 months so important? Will you be satisfied and stop training after that 2 months is over. How long do you think Ben took to develop? Your commitment to training must meet your expectations for success. If you don’t have a good coach, it will be a long road coming and you can begin with Speed Trap. If you want to go more in depth, at least search some of the forums and see if someone’s advice on sprints or training peaks your interest and see if you can schedule some time to talk with them or try to e-mail and correspond with them that way. Most good coaches on this board don’t just run around with brilliant programs to answer such questions as yours.

In 2 months it will be time for the school track tryouts.I am now running 11.86s on the 100m and I was hoping to speed it up to about 11.66s.

You cant calculate how much you can improve by. You get what you work for. There’s no definite training that will take .2 sec off your 100m time. All you can do is set a goal and work towards it. Don’t give yourself a time limit. As for your questions about about increasing your speed. You should take some time and browse the forum. Check out some of the training logs so you can see how other people are doing it. Like Davan said, your questions are really general so your answer will be too.

Exactly. My coach always said you get out what you put in

You can estimate how much faster you can improve by, by looking at your current technique. But wheter or not you improve depends on how much work you do.

hey davan, who is the dude in the pic showin off? Sorry, I missed the victory part after the race.

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