How to improve muscle elasticity


how do you improve muscle elasticity, this will help you be more explosive, well am not quite sure exaclty what it is, but would like to know more. I tried searching for it, but people just go off on one, talking about Dynamic stretches not anserwing the God Dam question.

Is it best done through Plyometrics. I think about for long jumpers, involve Long jump in my athletics plans this year.

Are their any Specific exercises, plyometrics, weight training, which are best for imporve elasticity.

do static stretches 1min, but NOT right after workout.

Best time to improve is definetly the off-season.

Sorry, but what actually is “muscle elasticity”?

AFAIK muscle length becomes habitual, and is based upon a number of factors (ROM, strength, nervous system control for e.g.).

CF mentions how ‘tonic’ a muscle gets, and it is controlled through massage, EMS and other recovery techniques.

BUT… you mention plyometrics which leads me to think that you’re actually talking about the stretch-shortening cycle (also known by many other names), and it’s the TENDONS that actually supply the ‘elastic’ component, not the muscles.

According to Zatsiorsky, plyometric training has three effects:

  • inhibition of Golgi organ reflex (i.e. a decrease in muscle inhibition caused by this force feedback mechanism)
  • potentiation of the stretch (myotatic) reflex (which seeks to maintain a muscle length via a reflex contraction in response to external forces)
  • improvement in timing towards an optimal level

Some ppl think this improves storage/reuse of energy in the tendon, while others think this improves the muscular force production.

Either way, an increase in ‘muscle elasticity’ without an increase in ability to contract under load would probably lead to a decrease in performance due to the muscles yielding more under load.

So the short answer is use plyometric training, and the sport activity, and perhaps resisted versions of the sport activity or similar activities. Proceed gradually and make sure you have a good strength base!